Sunday, July 02, 2017

Susan Sands: Happy 4th of July and Cover Reveal!

A fellow writer and I are in pajamas at dusk in a resort forty-five minutes
Christmas, Alabama
from home on 4th of July weekend. Our kids are home with their fathers. Mine can take care of themselves because they are plenty old enough, but my friend has four children under the age of six, God bless her. Her husband is the man.

We got a great room rate through a friend of a friend (thanks, friend). We are desperately making words that will finish our books before deadline. Summer deadlines are the toughest, it seems. Everything in the summer is less structured and it's easier to disrupt the writing schedule.

I accepted an offer on my house after it was on the market for an entire year. The deal fell through due to the inspection report. That was a hit to the writing schedule. My dogs don't like when I sit and write for hours on end. They make their displeasure known by barking and misbehaving, causing writing-stoppage. Kids and husband. Well, they need clean underwear and food. No other explanation needed. So, here we are, making as many good words as possible while others eat bar-b-que and enjoy fireworks (my poor dogs hate fireworks).

If this post seems a little disjointed and frazzled, you should see me.

The great news is that I have a gorgeous cover for my lovely upcoming Christmas novel, Christmas, Alabama. As much a of mess as I am right now, I'm having a blast writing this story, which will be released by The Tule Publishing Group, October 5th (tentatively). I'm bringing all the characters from Ministry, Alabama together again for a snowy good time!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer so far!!

Susan Sands


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Happy Independence Day!


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Thanks, Denise!!