Friday, September 09, 2016

Greek Tycoon’s Mistletoe Proposal - Kandy Shepherd

I’m delighted to share the cover of my November 2016 release for Harlequin Romance, Greek Tycoon’s Mistletoe Proposal.

Isn’t the cover model gorgeous? That’s my heroine, runaway bride Ashleigh Murphy and she’s obviously lapping up the sweet nothings being whispered in her ear by gorgeous Greek billionaire Lukas Christophedes. Lukas doesn’t actually have a beard in the book, but some sexy designer stubble does come into it!

I was asked to write this story as part of the Maids Under the Mistletoe Christmas continuity series. It features four consecutive books (mine is number two) with heroines who are working as maids for an elite employment agency over the Christmas-New Year period.

The story is set in snowy London at Christmas

My story Greek Tycoon’s Mistletoe Proposal is an engagement of convenience story with a Pretty Woman type of makeover which I thoroughly enjoyed writing. It’s set in London, England over Christmas. Although I live in Australia I used to live in London and it was fun to revisit favourite places through my characters’ eyes.

Here’s the blurb:

A proposal of convenience!

When billionaire Lukas Christophedes finds maid Ashleigh Murphy gatecrashing his mansion, he strikes a bargain: if Ashleigh acts as Lukas’s girlfriend to help him close a deal, she can stay until the New Year!

For newly single Ashleigh, agreeing to keep hearts off the table sounds easy...until the line between what’s real and what’s for show starts to blur! And as Christmas approaches, all Ashleigh is wishing for is a different, much more heartfelt, proposal...

I’m in awesome author company for this series: Christy McKellen with A Countess for Christmas (October 2016); Scarlet Wilson with Christmas in the Boss’s Castle (December 2016); and Jessica Gilmore with Her New Year Baby Secret (January 2017).

From left: Jessica Gilmore, Christy McKellen, Scarlet Wilson, Kandy Shepherd

Even though I live on the other side of the world from these authors, I know them all—we’ve spent some fun times at writers’ conferences, and I love that we’ve been able to work together on this series.

Greek Tycoon’s Mistletoe Proposal is now available for pre-order.

Kandy Shepherd is an award-winning author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She lives on a small farm in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, with her family and a menagerie of four-legged friends.

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Liz Fielding said...

Such a pretty cover, Kandy!

Kandy Shepherd said...

Thank you Liz, it is lovely isn't it! It looks like genuine emotion between them.

Laney4 said...

Oh my, this one sounds delish! I am very much looking forward to reading this (and off of your) books! And the cover? I think the same thing: it really does look like genuine emotion between them. Some covers I'm sort of so-so about; this one, though, grabs my attention - probably because they appear to be caught thinking their own thoughts while together, but more so because they appear to be happy. And who doesn't want to be happy?

Kandy Shepherd said...

Thank you Laney - I really like that emotion too, there seems to be a real connection there. I'm very pleased with the cover. I loved writing this story, it's a real Cinderella story and I totally fell in love with the characters as I was writing them. (I always do, of course, but these two are rather special.) Yes, who doesn't want to be happy!

Jan Vanengen said...

Love the cover and sound absolutely delightful. So getting this one :)

Kandy Shepherd said...

Thank you Jan, I'm glad you like the sound of this one! I hope you enjoy it.

dstoutholcomb said...

beautiful cover


Kandy Shepherd said...

Thank you, dstouthcolcomb, I'm very happy with it!