Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Barbara Ankrum: Christmas is Coming!

I just finished a new book, a Christmas story for Tule Publishing Group called, THE COWGIRL’S CHRISTMAS WISH and I’m so excited for you to read it. It’s the first Christmas book I’ve ever done in my long career and, frankly, I’m not sure why it took me so long to write one. The majority was done in the middle of summer heat waves and ninety percent humidity days when the thought of conjuring Montana in snowy December required extra imagination. But with a little help from holiday music, copious Pinterest photos and wishful thinking, I’m happy to say I love the final product.

It’s no secret that Christmas stories are wildly popular. I love them myself. As I wrote this story about polar opposites, (pardon the pun!)  I began to understand why they’re so in demand. When I asked myself what I wanted to read at that time of year, the answer was “something a little magical, something a little sweeter and more romantic.” So that’s what I wrote. It’s the story of a pair of good friends who just need a little push to realize they could be so much more. This is the third book in my Canadays of Montana series.  Eve Canaday’s cup is always half-full, and Dr. Ben Tyler, who’s not a fan of Christmas, is already halfway out of town as this story begins. Together, they are enlisted to fulfill the last wish of the mother of a little four-year old girl named Lily for a magical Christmas in oh, so merry Marietta, Montana.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m fascinated by the unexplained, the things we take on faith. But I wanted something a little more concrete in this story, something that made my characters question the Universe’s messages to them in a way they couldn’t readily deny. I won’t spoil the fun and reveal it to you now, but suffice it to say, this little messenger from the universe does his ‘jingly’ part to turn my hero and heroine toward each other.  And wishes, made at Christmas, always stand a better chance of coming true!

THE COWGIRL’S CHRSTMAS WISH comes out October 24th, from Tule Publishing Group and is up for preorder. And can I just mention here, LEE HYAT, the owner of this very blog, designed this awesome cover for me. I could not love it more! I hope you enjoy the book and that it gets you in the mood for the holidays! Let me know how you like it!

Here’s a little taste of THE COWGIRL’S CHRISTMAS WISH:

“You were saying?” Eve said, studying her fingernail. “Something about me being absolutely right?”
Leaning against the door jamb, arms uneasily folded, Ben’s mouth curved up into a grin. “That’s right. You were.”
The grin was throwing her off. “Anything else?”
“You look real pretty without makeup.”
“Don’t you try to butter me up, Doctor Tyler.”
She yawned broadly. 
“I’m serious.”
“I’m not leaving if that’s what you’re worried about. If that’s why you’re still standing at my door, flicking compliments my way.”
His gaze narrowed. 
“A deal’s a deal’s a deal,” she said. “I promised to help with Lily and I will. Besides, if you’ve decided the best thing for you to do with your life is run off to the jungles of Borneo or the Amazon or—”
“—or Honduras, instead of staying in Marietta and facing whatever it is that’s scaring you away, a place where people actually need and care about you, then who am I to try and stop you?”
He stiffened. “Scaring me? Nothing’s scaring me away. I’m choosing to go. Of my own free will.”
A beat passed before she decided not to say what she wanted to say. “Okay. Whatever. Fine. I’m tired, Ben. I’m going to bed now. See you in the morning.”
She started to shut the door, but he stopped it with his hand, incidentally covering hers. His touch, as it always did, sent want curling through her. She stared at his fingers for a long, gathering moment before meeting his blue, blue eyes.
And without any warning, he kissed her. On the mouth. A quick, buss of his lips that happened before she could evade it.  Not that she would have. His lips were softer than she’d imagined and his kiss tasted of wine and desperation. Just a glimpse, yet she was sure she wasn’t mistaken about the desperation.  
And just when she thought he was done, he deepened the kiss, pulling her practically naked self against him. She felt her nipples grate against the fabric of her tee-shirt, pressed up against the solid wall of his chest.  She grabbed the door for balance, and then his shoulders, her breath catching in her throat. His tongue breeched the seam of her mouth and she opened to him, hungry for this taste of him.
His desire jutted against her hipbone, raw and hungry as her own. Her heart pounded and stars flickered behind her eyes. 
Kissing her. Ben was kissing her.


Kimberlyindy said...

Love the cover! Love Christmas stories! I can't wait to read this one!

dstoutholcomb said...

such a beautiful cover! I love a "magical" Christmas story. looking forward to this.