Thursday, April 07, 2016

More Ice Cream

While I'm awaiting my editor's thoughts on the manuscript I've just submitted, I'm writing a short story spin off from my "ice cream" trilogy (Tempted By Trouble, Anything But Vanilla and Vettori's Damsel in Distress).

There are always minor characters who beg for a story of their own. Some become books but some are smaller than that. Ria (Knickerbocker Gloria) and Graeme Laing, who appeared in Anything But Vasnilla fall into that category.

The scatty ice cream genius Ria is enormous fun and I've been having a great time on Pinterest finding the kind of clothes and jewellery she would wear.

And who would be the stiff, formal, beautifully dressed millionaire who needs the "creases shaking out of his trousers" - her complete opposite - Graeme Laing?

That was surprisingly easy. :)

All that's left is stand back and watch the fireworks as these two overcome their prejudices and discover that they are made for each other!


girlfromwva said...

sounds like a fun read!

Liz Fielding said...

Thank you!