Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kate Hewitt: Celebrating Spring

Yesterday, here in the English Cotswolds, it snowed. Proper snow, a good inch on the ground, slush on the streets. The cherry blossoms quivered under the onslaught and I shivered in cold—and trembled with outrage. This wasn’t spring!

Unfortunately, in England, there are no guarantees when it comes to any season of the year. It’s why British people talk about the weather so much—it’s like a national obsession, and a warm, sunny day is something to celebrate. (And why a day in the 60s Fahrenheit is treated like a scorcher).

In any case, I want to celebrate spring even if I’m not feeling it in the air. My second romance in my small town trilogy, Falling Hard, has a gorgeous spring cover for the UK and is set amidst the cherry blossoms—and the maple trees, as making maple syrup plays a part in it. Having made maple syrup in Canada with my parents for many years, I loved writing about that aspect.

Falling For The Freemans follows three brothers as they each in turn return to the small town where they grew up—and where they lost their father in a tragic accident. In confronting past memories and hurts, they find forgiveness and also true love—of course!

Falling for Christmas, a prequel novella, and Falling Hard are both available now, and the following two books in the series, Falling Fast and Falling Forever, will be available in the autumn.

To celebrate spring, I’m giving away an ebook copy of Falling Hard as well as a print copy of my April Presents, Inherited By Ferranti, to two different readers. Just leave a comment telling me what you like about spring!

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Laney4 said...

Something I do every day is try to save money, so Spring means saving money on heating or air conditioning costs.
It's so nice to open the windows and let in fresh air, although, I must admit, we are back to winter weather right now, so it's back to wearing coats again (but my furnace isn't turned back on).
We used to have a flowering crabapple tree out front, and usually around the first weekend in May it would bloom for the one day and then fade for its remaining months. I miss that tree....

Natalija said...

I hate cold weather, and I'm always happy when I can go out without layers and layers of clothes.

Laurie G said...

I love the smell and beauty of spring flowers especially lilacs and gardenias! Orange blossoms and jasmine smell great too!

jcp said...

new flowers

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dstoutholcomb said...

tulips and hyacinths are my favorite spring flowers, but they're blooming time is pretty much over, so now it's time to plant the tomatoes.


girlygirlhoosier52 said...

While I love all the spring flowers..... I truly love putting away my heavy winter coat, gloves and hats!!!