Sunday, April 03, 2016

Duffy Brown: Braking for Bodies

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Braking for Bodies, the second book in the Cycle Path Mysteries comes out April 4th. The series is set on Mackinac Island where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron. There are no cars, lots of horses and even more bikes. The place is lovely in the summer and about -35 in the winter.

BFB is set during the Lilac Festival. There are a bizillion lilacs on the island and the place is amazing. But at this particular festival there’s a murder.

Not only is this a problem for the dead guy...who deserved to bite the big one...but for the businesses on the island. If word gets out that there’s a killer on the lose tourists will stampede for the ferry docks and leave!

To avoid financial catastrophe the locals pass the murder off as a mystery weekend at the Grand Hotel.

It’s hard enough to solve a murder but when the tourists are out to do the same thing and thinking this is all fun and games, mayhem goes right along with murder in a really big way.

So who is this guy that winds up dead right there in front of the Grand Hotel? It’s Peephole Perry all the way from LA and he’s a real piece of work. He got the name Peephole from sneaking around and getting the dirt on celebs in LA. He’d blackmail them and if they didn’t pay up he’d print the info in the Inside Scoop, a rag he owned and edited.

But want is the Peepster doing on Mackinac of all places? A get-away with his mistress? It might have worked if Peep’s wife didn’t show up looking for the two of them. Maybe he’s after his fav reporter who lives there and she has the dirt on him and he needs to shut her up? Or maybe someone’s followed him all the way from LA and finally did the old sleazebag in?

Mackinac Island looks all calm and peaceful to the tourist but that’s just not the way it is at all.

Duffy Brown

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