Sunday, January 31, 2016

Terri Brisbin: The Big 6-0!

So, yesterday was my birthday. And it was one of those birthdays that mark the end of a decade and the beginning of another -- I turned 60 yesterday.  I have to say that I remember when I thought that 40 was old. Then I turned 40. And I remember my father turning 49 and I thought that was old. Then I turned 50.

And now I'm 60 and I was thinking that 80 is old! But I just went to Ireland in the spring and was out-walked and out-lasted (and, dare I say, out-drank?! the spelling is bad but you get the idea!)  by a friend who celebrated her 80th birthday with us there! So, how old IS old?

Yes, it's all about your perspective in life.

I have friends and family members who make 60 look like 20. I have friends and know people who make 40 look like 70. It's amazing to me how much attitude determines your age. A life crisis doesn't hurt in changing your perspective, either.

The year I turned 50 was the best and worst in my life. I began with a celebration shared with some of my best friends. My oldest son married the love of his life. I was diagnosed with cancer. Most importantly, I was cured of cancer, too, in the same year.

But that year made me realize that nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is for certain. And the only thing you get out of life is what you choose - to do or not do.

And this last decade has been among my best -- my other two sons met the loves of their lives, two new grandbabies have been born, I spent almost a month in Scotland (on my own!), I went to Ireland for the first time, wrote more books than I even thought possible, met more readers, and have made many memories during those years.

Even more interesting to me is that I find I am making more plans for more things to do in the next decade....and trying to decide if I really am too old to dye my hair purple and turquoise.....

So, what's my age again? I'd say the body is definitely 60, the mind....somewhere around that, but emotionally I think I'm around 38.... How about you?

Happy Whatever Birthday You're Celebrating in 2016!!


dstoutholcomb said...

Happy Birthday!

I always tell my kids I'm 34, but now they're old enough to do the math. At this point, I'd settle for 39.


Martha Lawson said...

Well, I will turn 60 myself on 2/17!! I waited till this past Oct. to get a tattoo! It is very pretty - coffee and books!!! My body says I'm 60, but my brain says, no way are you that old. LOL! Happy Birthday!!

Liz Flaherty said...

Happy birthday! I'm 65, and I am so happy to say it's been the most fun decade yet.