Sunday, November 22, 2015

Romance and Rays of Hope by Joanne Walsh

A week ago, the world was stunned and saddened when Paris was viciously attacked by extremist terrorists, and so many citizens lost their lives or were seriously injured. It seemed inconceivable that this city—an eternal, global symbol of love and romance—should be targeted in this way.  As the waves of shock and sorrow continue to ripple, I’ve been talking with my fellow romance writers and editors about what our response should be—do we have anything useful or meaningful to offer when something terrible like this happens?

We all agree that, during the darkest days, what better way is there to leave behind the madness than to lose oneself in a good romance? Romance equals pure escapism: it can ease our shock and calm our minds, be relied upon to bring us light and laughter and lift our spirits—and remind us that love is everything. Which is maybe something that those misguided souls who were so cruel and vengeful lost sight of.

At tough times like these, I salute my fellow romance writers for what they contribute. It helps to know that there are many wonderful romance novels to curl up with, to seek comfort in and reaffirmation of people and relationships, when the world seems so uncertain and humans unpredictable.

I know that you, like me, will wish Parisians healing, peace and strength.

Taming the Italian Bad Boy and A Wife in Every Sense by Joanne Walsh are available on all good digital platforms now.

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