Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Living in The Moment by Michelle Monkou

Living in the moment sounds easy. It's a mantra that's repeated so much on social media that you think who doesn't live in the moment. Or what's so hard about living in the moment?

Really I don't have the answers. But I find myself doling out that advice to my kids. Maybe it's knowing that I've walked some of their paths in life, or I've faced some of the indecision and questions in life that suddenly makes me the quasi-expert to say live in the moment.

My daughter headed for a year in South Korea as a study abroad student. It was a big decision--financially, culturally, and geographically. Changing the mind was an option, but couldn't be blindly indulged, either.

As the day of her departure grew closer, I could see the nervous spike of indecision close to the surface. So I did a preemptive strike to have my daughter focus on the wonderful adventure that she was about to embark.

She's a history major. She enjoys Asian studies. What a great way to see what so many can only read in text books or see in movies.

She's learning the language, too. She will have the opportunity to learn not only the language, but the culture and etiquette that go hand-in-hand with attention to hierarchy.

She loves to travel. While I have introduced her to several countries through our travels, there is wide breath of places still to see, visit and even revisit. Our world is vast and yet, in the whole scheme of things, it is small.

She writes fan fiction. Already as a creative and highly imaginative endeavor, now she can actually see places and sites that will further enhance her creative outlet.

She's shy, but not painfully so--otherwise, a trip around the world would have been a massive undertaking. Here she is meeting students from all over the world. Her confidence is boosted as she communicates and learns from her fellow student-friends. They have a chance to bond and share in a relaxed environment where their differences aren't a wedged between them.

I don't know what the future holds for her. But she is in this wonderful space of time and location to enjoy it for what it is. Treat it as an adventure. Treasure the memories. Be bold and live fearlessly.  The rest of life awaits her (knock on wood).

As we video chat, I take away what I've learned from her. The feeling of optimism and hope. The wonderment of what's out there, but also the realization that we have more similarities than differences. And time doesn't sit still or wait on anyone. Soon she will hit the midpoint of her stay and then the roller coaster ride will feel like it raced to the end, when she'll return home.

So my continued advice to her and all of you out there: Be curious about life. Treasure its miracle. Live in the moment.

Michelle Monkou


Nicola Cameron said...

Traveling abroad is always a good thing -- exposure to other languages and cultures does wonderful things to your own point of view. I hope she has a splendid time.

Michelle Monkou said...

Thank you, Nicola. She's having a wonderful time.