Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tomato juice -- a secret weapon? by Michelle Styles

Growing up, I need tomato juice had its uses. It is the best thing for removing skunk smell from dogs. However I had never really thought of its health advantages for me. It was a thing that went in a Bloody Mary basically and that was it. I preferred other types of juice.  That is until a few weeks ago.
Basically, I have reached that time of life. Menopause or at least peri-menopause is upon me at 51. There are a number of annoying factors like my metabolism going south and feeling lethargic. Hot flushes. Difficulty focusing. Wanting to curl up into a small ball and tell the world -- stop I want to get off.
I have a Mirena coil which is supposed to help alleviate the symptoms in any case (except for hot flushes and boy when they come, they really do come). The Mirena is from problems in my early 40s and much than having a hysterectomy. It has worked beautifully.
I am looking forward to being through this whole thing and getting on with the rest of my life.
So when I read about  tomato juice helping symptoms of menopause. (Yes I know it is a Daily Fail article and so needed to be taken with more than a grain of salt)  I thought it worth a go. This was  on about 10 June 2015 so I have now done  over 8 weeks. And you know what? It does work. It took about three days for me to notice anything and then things became much better but things have continued to improve.
My hot flushes are gone. Before this I had a bout one a day. But more than that my positive energy has returned. I find when I am annoyed or upset, instead of curling up into a small ball (my reaction for about, I can actually write. Writing has once again become therapeutic rather than a chore. It is easier for me to focus.
 My anxiety has decreased. One of the problems with being a fiction writer is that a vivid imagination is required. Vivid imaginations can be put to other uses... Personally I'd rather use mine proactively and create something for others to enjoy. For example, the start of Taken by the Viking was written just after a drunken man tried to kidnap my son off a street in Reykjavik, Iceland. Positive use of emotion.  Recently though I would just sit. Within a week of starting to take the tomato juice, I found if I was annoyed or upset, I could channel that energy into my writing again. Not that I like being annoyed or upset, I just like having an outlet for it.

Is it a placebo effect? I am not sure. All I know it is working --particularly with the hot flushes. Tomatoes are rich in lypocene and have a bunch of antioxidents. All of which are concentrated in the juice.

There is another article about it  here.

The fact is that the research was only released in early June 2015. So it is possibly too early to tell long term. However when it is something like tomato juice and very easy to get hold, I thought why wait? Why not just try it and see?

It is working for me and I figure that it is better than a lot of things. And I have developed a liking for Virgin Marys...

I am still keeping up with my exercise (redoing TAM and now rebounding -- good for the lymph system) as exercise with its endorphins are also good for such things.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed and are in menopause or peri-menopause, you might want to try tomato juice  twice a day. It is simple and effective (or at least for me). And when you are menopausal, anything that might help is worth investigating. I am passing this on in case it is of use to anyone. It is very easy to feel alone when you are going through The Change of Life.

Has anyone else tried tomato juice when menopausal?

Michelle Styles writes warm, witty and intimate historical romance in a wide range of time periods including Viking. Her most recent novel  Summer of the Viking was published in June 2015. YOu can learn more about Michelle and her books on


Barbara T. said...

I drink V8 with the juice of one lemon in it, along with Tabasco. Beyond menopause, but I am hoping it is a healthy drink. Oh yes, low-sodium V-8 only.

Michelle Styles said...

Yes V-8 is supposed to be v healthy. Low sodium is good.

dstoutholcomb said...

I drink tomato juice once in a while, haven't tried it for peri menopause.