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Christina Hollis: Rebel Prince Of Kharova Steals Heart Of A Hostage Shock!

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The cover of my twentieth novel, Heart Of A Hostage, has just been released. Heart Of A Hostage is the third book in my Princes Of Kharova series for the Wild Rose Press

The first book, His Majesty’s Secret Passion, sets the scene for all the stories that follow. Leo and Sara look on their holiday romance in Greece as some fun in the sun, with strictly no strings attached. She’s determined to go back to her career, while he has to return home to take over his ‘family business’, as he calls it.  Then she discovers the dangerous truth about Leo's life. In an instant, the lives of both Sara and Leo change forever. 

Her Royal Risk is the second book in the Princes Of Kharova series. It follows Leo’s outspoken personal assistant, Krisia, to her new job with Leo’s younger brother Prince Athan. With rebels threatening the future of Kharova and its new king, commando Athan is suddenly centre stage. The last thing he needs is Krisia trying to help out. Luckily, she isn’t a woman who takes no for an answer. The crown of Kharova is in so much trouble, Athan soon finds he needs her like never before. In all sorts of unexpected ways...

In my next book, Heart Of A Hostage, the focus switches from the two legitimate Princes Of Kharova to the pretender to their country’s throne. Four generations ago, Mihail Dukagjini’s royal ancestor was disinherited for eloping with a commoner. Descendants from that marriage have borne a grudge ever since, but their claim to the throne has never got them anywhere. Mihail is the last of the Dukagjini.  He’s more of a realist than his predecessors, but he’s got plenty of imagination and initiative. When the beautiful woman he rescues from a car breakdown turns out to be the king’s sister, Princess Maia, Mihail sees her as a bargaining chip rather than the girl he had a crush on eight years earlier. But Maia's not a blushing teenager any more. She's got no intention of being used as a pawn. 

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Here’s the tag line and blurb of Heart Of A Hostage. I'd love to know what you think!

Mihail walks out of Maia's past, and into her present. Who is in more trouble—kidnapper or victim?

Princess Maia has it all—including a horrible fiancé chosen for her by the king, and a family bullying her into doing the right thing—but all she wants is her independence. When she falls into the hands of rebel leader, Mihail, she tastes real freedom for the first time. Mihail is a lone wolf, Public Enemy Number One, and heir to a fierce tradition. A dangerous reputation, a castle full of guilty secrets and now rescuing Maia are all woven into his master plan. He can’t lose.

Until his unexpected hostage turns out to be the house guest from hell...

There's something unusual about the background to Heart Of A Hostage, but I’m only revealing that little nugget to readers of my newsletter. The autumn edition comes out in October.  As well as background details about Heart Of A Hostage, it will also contain news of my latest short story, My Dream Guy, together with a seasonal recipe, an update on my bees after their recent scare, and a competition to win one of my books. 

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