Thursday, August 13, 2015

Because You Smiled!

Because You Smiled

My family laughs because, when we're out and about, random people come up and talk to me.  They ask for directions, they ask for help, or they simply chat.  As a person, I never mind. I like that I give off an accessible vibe.  As a writer, these moments become fodder for my work.  They inspire a character, or they suggest a scene.

Once, I was on a flight home and an airline mechanic sat next to me.  We struck up a conversation.  I mentioned my husband early on and he mentioned his wife, so there was no worries about flirting.  We simply two people who talked about our homes and jobs.  I, of course, was  all Erie, PA rocks.  He assured me he thought his more southern hometown snow.  (It was snowing as we flew.  Not just a little snow, a big storm.)  It was a fun debate.

At the end of the flight, he said, "Thank you".  And then told me he flew all the time for work, but hadn't conversed with another passenger in years.  I asked why me.  He said,  "...because you smiled." 

Those words have stuck with me for years. I thought it was such a powerful message!  A reminder that the smallest things we do—things we do without even thinking about it—can make a difference to someone else.  A smile.  Holding the door for someone behind you.  Even sharing Monday-Glee on social media. (What you don't do that???  I'm so very guilty of it.)

There's a scene in Her Second-Chance Family that was inspired by this random mechanic and his very profound message. 

As you go about your day today, smile.  You'll never know how much that small act can mean to someone else!  (Or maybe you will!)


Out Now:

Her Second-Chance Family
Good can come out of bad 
If it wasn't for the tragic accident ten years earlier, Audrey Smith might never have taken in the three foster kids she loves so dearly. And if it wasn't for the new addition to her home—a troubled teenage thief—she wouldn't be fantasizing about Sawyer Williams. 
Make no mistake—Sawyer's the victim here. He's the one who was robbed by Audrey's daughter. But teaching the teen a lesson rather than punishing her makes Sawyer a superhero in Audrey's eyes. Someone who can forgive and forget… That is until another break-in rocks their community, threatening Audrey's family and her future with Sawyer.


Gaby Pratt said...

What a pleasant blog. I enjoyed it.

HollyJacobs said...

Thank you so much, Gaby!! He's someone I only talked to for a little over an hour, but I think of him often. It was such a powerful lesson!

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Thanks, DS!