Monday, June 29, 2015

Dances Under the Harvest Moon - Cover Reveal

My apologies for not posting on the 27th- my official blogging day at Tote Bags. But I have a good excuse as I was attending my son's high school graduation. I'm submitting a rare family photo for evidence. How cute are my boys?

The Rocks
But I had something fun to blog about, so I thought I'd swoop in today since there wasn't an other author scheduled. Because, you see, I got a new cover for an upcoming book in my email and I couldn't wait to share.

There are few days more fun in writer's professional life than receiving a new cover. Meeting readers and fellow writers ranks high up there. And hearing heartfelt responses to our books is top of the list. But seeing a book come to life with artwork that will represent the story is another day we love.
I got the cover for my October Harlequin Superromance, Dances Under the Harvest Moon. This is the third book in my Heartache, TN series for Superromance, but this cover is the first time that the series is announced on the cover. You see, when I began the series, I wasn't sure it would be a series, so Harlequin couldn't very well advertise it. but the population of Heartache grew on me and the town became a new home. I have enjoyed my time there and plan another visit in 2016. 

But for now, let me share my new cover!

My October Superromance cover art
My characters are just right for my story. And while I would have loved a big harvest moon hanging low on the horizon, I'm very happy with this lovely new cover to share with you. If you haven't read my Superromances, the books certainly stand alone, but the series begins with Promises Under the Peach Tree and continues with April's Nights Under the Tennessee Stars

I've always dreamed of making a big cover collage to hang on the wall of my office one day. Once upon a time I tried laying out all the covers to figure out how to sort them, but with seventy-some book covers, this was a bigger task than I'd imagined!! I need a snapfish collage maybe. But ideally, I'd put the historicals altogether. Or sort them by series, colors or theme. I could put all the iconic images together in one collage and all the clinch covers in another. I could have a collage of male chests!

But for right now, I'm just going to admire this newest cover and the way it helps my idea come to life. I'm also going to eat a slice of graduation cake to help me celebrate! Happy Monday, my friends!

**Do you decorate your home with personal photos? How and where to you arrange them? I just made a snapfish collage of for my cute son's graduation and I had fun choosing twenty three pictures for the project. Chat with me this week and the boards and I have a brand new "Catch the Runaway Brides" t-shirt to offer one random poster!!!***


Kathleen O said...

I have loads of family photo's in my home. On the walls, tables and on top of place that has a space... I just finished reading Nights Under the Tennessee Stars and I loved it. I can't wait to read this new book in the series.

Diana Tidlund said...

Joanne, I have them in frames in the living room and up the walls in stairway to upstairs....refuse to put them in my bedroom cause i'd feel like someone watching me change or have

Kelli Jo said...

I love putting up pictures of family and friends - I love to find fun frames!!

Agatha Townsend said...

I have some pictures of family in my sister's home. Not all but some. I'm still can't believe my younger sister Barbara died June 15th of this year and my husband passed away 4 years ago on June 18th.They both were sixty years old. Sorry to comment on hear with my thoughts. Love your family pictures. hugs, Agatha

Harlie Williams said...

We have a "shrine" with all of our sons pictures from when he was a baby. It embarrasses him. He's 10 now, so I can see why.


dstoutholcomb said...

I have lots of family pictures in frames lining our stairwell, and some in the family room on the shelves.

Barbara T. said...

Guest bedroom has family photos, wedding collage and our toddler photos.

Eli Yanti said...

no, only have my graduation photo in my room

Mary Preston said...

I just spurted coffee all over my computer screen imaging a collage of male chests. So easy to visualise.

I have family photos in frames dotted all over the house.

Manda Ward said...

On our living room wall I have my children's photos taken from their first school photo and up. It's like a big 'wanted' poster. Also up the first flight of stairs (we live in a townhouse) leading to our living room, I have a row of my 5 book covers as canvas prints and they are gorgeous. I love photos around the home, not keen on dusting them though Manda x