Thursday, April 02, 2015

Traits of a Romance Heroine

When I hear someone describe a romance heroine, the most commonly used terms are "smart", "clever" and "intelligent". A heroine isn't required to be pretty or the belle of the ball, but she must win the respect of the hero (and the reader) with her wit.

But what if a heroine was not considered smart? I'm not talking about a learning disability or a lack of education or someone who has no common sense. What if she had a low IQ? Would she still win the respect of the hero and the reader? And how would her insecurity about her intelligence level affect her and her relationships? 

Those are the questions I had when I wrote Outrageously Yours. In this Harlequin Blaze, Claire does not bring attention to herself. Years ago she was tested with a low IQ. She was taught to hide her intelligence level so people wouldn't take advantage of her or treat her as an unequal. As I wrote the story I discovered that she had many qualities that I want to see in a heroine. She was hard-working and resourceful. Her perseverance was a quality the hero wishes he could emulate.

I have to admit, I was still worried when I sent this manuscript to my editor. What if my experiment wasn't successful? I was relieved that my editor found the heroine sympathetic. And I was glad RT BookReviews found the main characters "two root-worthy romantic heroes."

Outrageously Yours will be in stores throughout North America on April 21 and as an eBook on May 1. However, you can buy the print or digital version now on

Susanna Carr is an award-winning author known for her contemporary romances. Readers throughout the world find Susanna's stories a delightful escape that has often helped them through difficult times. Reviewers frequently describe her work as "fun", "sexy", and "a must read". Find her of Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

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