Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maggie Marr: A Billionaire to Love

I love writing billionaires. Ryan Murphy in Last Call For Love was my fourth billionaire, but he won't be my last. Each time I sit down to write one of my billionaires in The Eligible Billionaires Series, I am blessed with a fabulous character. 

First there was Cole Jackson in Can't Buy Me Love.  What a guy! A true Alpha with a bad-boy love 'em and leave 'em attitude. Whip smart with a wicked sense of humor and a wonderfully slow hand. He'd truly met his match in Meg Parson, his former executive assistant. She was just as smart and just as determined. By the end Cole was begging for Meg to stay.

Next was Tristan Rhodes in One Night for Love. A tortured soul who purchased companies and dismantled them piece by painful piece with no regard for the people that worked at the company. Prim Baxter, (Meg Parson's best friend and former b-school classmate) was having none of Tristan's bull! She'd built Metro Media from the ground up, alongside the now distraught and former Metro Media owner Ryan Murphy. Prim spent every ounce of her time and energy trying to prove to Tristan that he should keep Metro Media as a whole company. All the while fighting her outrageous attraction for Tristan. Did I mention they'd hooked up at Mesquale a Tahitian resort while wearing party masks and didn't know who the other was until after Tristan had purchased Metro Media. H-O-T!

Nick North in A Christmas Billionaire is one of my favorites!  Oooo, I love him. So strong. So cold. His heart was destroyed when the woman he loved ditched him on Christmas Eve many years before. Guess whose baaaack!! Yes, it's Noel Klaus, the love of Nick's life. She is making his Christmas Season a living hell with her community activism that prohibits him from knocking down a retirement home in which Noel's grandmother lives, so that he can build a mall. Nick and Noel heat up those long cold Chicago nights!

Ryan Murphy....oh poor poor GORGEOUS Ryan Murphy in Last Call for Love. He lost his fiance in a horrible car crash. His heart broken he sold Metro Media and purchased Mesquale (the Tahitian resort where Tristan and Prim hooked up!) and fled California so he wouldn't be reminded of his lost love. For 9 months he's worked in secret scoping out every flaw of Mesquale. Now he's working as a bartender when he meets Charla Duval. What a match! She can't stand rich people! And she thinks Ryan is a bartender when they fall in love...guess what...he's not...he's a billionaire!  So fun. So much sex. So much love. 

Next up is Trevor Brice, the heir apparent to the Upside Burger company. He fled to Mesquale to see if he could hack it without his family's money. A tortured writer, he doesn't want to run his parents company. While working at Mesquale he's fallen madly in love with Poppy Martin, a server at Mesquale and Charla Duval's former roommate. But Poppy will never, ever, no matter what give her heart to any man! She's suffered too much pain, too much loss, she will forever be Running From Love. 

 Finally there is Justin Travati. A powerful, hard, strong, wicked billionaire. He was born into money and then acquired his own. He will never settle down.  There was one woman...a long time ago...that for a split second he might have considered having a relationship with, but Aubrey Hayes made the decision to return to Kansas to run her family farm. So why is Aubrey emailing him now? And why is he flying (private of course) to Hudson, Kansas to determine if what Aubrey is telling him, is for real. 

So those are my fabulous billionaires. There will be more...of course. How could I ever turn my back on these amazing, powerful men and the smart, sexy, women who choose to love them? 

Maggie Marr is an author and an attorney. The Eligible Billionaires Series is one of her favorite series to write but she also enjoys writing the best-selling Hollywood Girls Club Series, The Glamour Series (Hard Glamour, and The Powder Springs Series. When she's not writing or reading she can be found exercising her rescue pup or hanging out with her family.  Maggie lives and works in Los Angeles. You can follow Maggie and her billionaires on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


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racy covers :)

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LOVE the cover for A Christmas Billionaire. All of the covers are great and I need to move to Tahiti and find that resort!