Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Where do you like to read?

I was thinking back to the late 1970s when I read my first romance novel by Kathleen Woodiwiss. Shana. It was recommended to me by a co-worker, and the rest (as the classic cliche goes) is history. I was hooked! I read everywhere. On my lunch break, sunning myself on the patio, loafing around in bed on a weekend afternoon, doing laundry, soaking in a bubblebath, the beach, on an airplane, in a hotel room. I simply could not put a good romance down.

Over the years, I've changed my reading habits. I have to have complete quiet, no distractions, and I have to have good light. No longer can I read in the sun without my prescription sunglasses, and no more bathtub reading unless my bifocals are handy. And if I'm using my iPad for an ebook, the tub is a huge no-no because I'm afraid I'll drop the device under water and there goes that.

Recently, I spent a week in Maui and I brought several books with me to escape in. I didn't open a single one. Beach reading just doesn't seem to happen anymore. I'm easily distracted by the sunshine and wind, the lapping of the waves, a sunrise or sunset.
Contemplating the surf in Wailea.
Whale watching from the balcony at sunrise.

I spent my days swimming and just relaxing, thinking about those books in my keeper cupboard that I could read with one eye on the print and the other doing a side task without missing a single word. I certainly love a good romance, and a happy ending! So I will keep bringing books with me, and I'll keep buying them, and I'll start some today, and some tomorrow!

How do you read? Where? At night before bed? First thing in the morning? What have you read lately that you just can't put down?

If you post your thoughts/answers on my Facebook page, I will enter you in an ebook giveaway for the two books in my series, To Protect and Serve: Heroes in Uniform. I'll pick a winner on February 16. Good luck!


dstoutholcomb said...

I love to read whenever I can. Mostly it's in bed or on the loveseat, but sometimes it's in the car waiting for one of my sons to get done from a sports pratice.

Laurie G said...

When the weather's nice I like to read outside. Most of the time, I read on my comfy couch. I take at least one book along where ever I go in my purse , in my car etc.

Stef Ann said...

I used to read in the car waiting to pick up my daughters, too! And outside reading is always perfect for me! Thanks for the comments.

Laurie G said...

Thank you Stef. I sent my e-mail address via FB messenger.