Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day - when it comes!

I hope you all have a lovely day, with or without romantic cards, red roses, or chocolate.

So how does a romance writer celebrate Valentine's Day - well, actually, with none of the above!

No - you don't need to be shocked because, as I've said - quite often I believe - I'm not a fan of the commercialised 'romance' that comes into the shops on Valentine's Day. I don't actually like red roses - much prefer the golden ones I had in my wedding bouquet. And, besides, we're heading for Wales this week - in fact just as soon as I finish typing this!  - so any expensive flowers would be wasted as I wouldn't be here to see them.I'm not a huge fan of chocolate either and as I struggle with my weight it's the last thing I need.

But I do have a beautiful pair of rose quartz heart-shaped earrings. And,as I said, when we head for Wales and the Fishguard Writing Weekend, the Babe Magnet will do all of the driving so that I can arrive there rested and ready to teach (and talk . . .and drink a little wine . . .Did I mention that we rarely sleep on these weekends?)   No  - we talk about writing  - and life - and writing . . . And when the weekend is over I crash - until the next course of course!  (Which will be  in Leeds next month - should I worry about the fact that both my spring courses begin on Friday 13th?)  So  the fact that my husband does the driving to get me there is something I appreciate and value hugely.

Anyway,the point is that  for Valentine's Day the Babe Magnet and I will in fact be separated most of the time. I'll be teaching - and giving one-to-one help to my students and he'll be walking on the Welsh hill, lingering in coffee shops  and doing some talking and writing of his own.

And that will be just fine with me.  We'll  be giving each other what we want and need and enjoy on this day for lovers.  Which is really what Valentine's day is all about. Isn't it?   It's about Romance in the best sense of the word.

 Because the one thing I do believe is that true romance means thinking about he person and finding what they would like. Not just handing over cash for some mass-produced gift like the ones I saw piled up in the shops yesterday.  I've  no doubt that as we travel across the country we'll see even more of them.  But no, I don 't want a teddy bear holding a heart. I son;'t want cushions with love embroidered on them.  What I do want is a true love that has been there by my side for  years - but who still makes that extra effort for me (and me for him) when it's needed.

After all, Saint Valentine himself didn't send chocolates or even mass grown red roses - if I remember rightly - he was martyred  -- beheaded for his beliefs!

So as I say I'm wishing you a truly happy Valentine's Day with all the love and happiness you could wish for - chocolates if you want them -  red roses if you like them. But most of all the joy of knowing that the one you love cares about you too - however you decide to show it.

 My next Presents title  - Olivero's Outrageous Proposal will be out at the end of March /early April.

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And coming up next, there's the reissue of The Konstantos Marriage Demand  again in a 3 in 1 collection - His Revenge Seduction.

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dstoutholcomb said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kaelee said...

Hope you had a wonderful day of teaching Kate and a happy Valentine's Day as well. I did get a valentine's present from my husband. He bought me two pairs of jeans. We also made a huge stew for supper and will enjoy leftovers for a few days.