Sunday, September 07, 2014

Old wine in a new a bottle...

I was so excited when I got back the rights to The Bride, the Baby and the Best Man this year.

I already had the cover art picked out and, I spent a fair amount of time re-reading it and smoothing out the raw edges that are always there when you have a tight deadline and the writing is fast.

It didn't need a lot of updating - by the time I'd written this we were in the age of the mobile phone - but it was lovely to give it some love.

Here's the finished article, which will be published on 23 October but is available to pre-order now at the special price of 99c - 77p if you're in the UK. Links below.

Here's a little blurb -

What do you when, three weeks from your wedding, a blackmailing aunt leaves you holding the baby?

Faith Bridges should be wedding dress shopping with her bridesmaids, finalising the menu for the reception, house hunting. Instead she's up close and personal with Harry March - the last man on earth she’d trust with her heart - a fractious baby and a four year old diva.

She and Julian may not have had the most conventional of courtships but he’s wise, responsible and utterly dependable.  The  exact opposite of Harry, who thinks that all he has to do to get her to stay and take care of his sister's children is to tease her, charm her and, when that doesn’t work, make love to her.

It won't work; Faith knows that love is like meringue  — all sugar and air, and about as substantial. And she has made a promise that she isn’t about to break. So why does she find it so hard to walk away?

Here are the links -

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I'm Liz Fielding, and I'm grinning from ear to ear! 

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dstoutholcomb said...

sounds like a fun read--cute cover