Friday, September 19, 2014

Megan Crane: Montana in my dreams...

The thing about Montana is that it invades your dreams.

The first time I went to Montana was on a road trip in 1998.  My old college roommate and I were driving back and forth across the country and Montana was a major destination.  I’ll never forget driving across the eastern Montana fields, staring out at that weird little smudge in the distance and wondering what it was.  A storm cloud, maybe?

But no.  The “little smudge” was my first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains.

I don’t think you ever really get over that.

In Please Me, Cowboy, both my hero and heroine have gone to great lengths to put Montana’s particular charms behind them.  They think they’re immune. 

 Of course, they’re wrong.  About that and so many other things.  I hope you’ll read it and see for yourself!

Please Me, Cowboy

Gracelyn Baylee Packard got herself away from small-town Montana to big, rich Texas as soon as she could.

When her billionaire boss Jonah Flint informs her it’s her lucky day, she’s going back, Grace doesn’t exactly see things the same way. So what if Jonah needs her to help save his brother from a pre-nup-less marriage?

It’s the last place on earth either Grace or Jonah would ever go willingly, yet in Marietta they just might find exactly what neither one of them was looking for... 


Janine said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful. I loved Please Me, Cowboy.

Kimberlyindy said...

I agree with Janine, your pictures are always amazing!