Thursday, September 04, 2014

CJ Carmichael: Cowboy Fever

For the past couple of years I’ve written stories mainly set in Montana, featuring ranch life and cowboys. It’s hard for me to explain why I have this Cowboy Fever—but I know I’m not alone. Readers love these stories, and that’s one of the reasons I recently contributed my novella, Promise Me, Cowboy to this special boxed set for iBooks.
The other reason?  Hey, look at the company I’m keeping! DaireSt. Denis, Steena Holmes, Lauren Hawkeye and Elena Aitken are wonderful women who happen to be talented and generous, too. The very first Indie published books I ever wrote were formatted and uploaded by Steena and Daire. And all of these authors have generously supported and helped promote my books at various times in my career. I think you can tell, from this photo of Steena, Elena and Daire (taken on a river cruise while we were at the Romance Writers of American Conference in San Antonio) that they also know how to have a little fun!

Another reason I feel rather emotional and pleased to be included in a boxed set with these ladies is that we all live in the Calgary area and have belonged to various writing groups together over the years. As the “senior” member of the group, I’ve had the priviledge of watching them build their careers one book at a time, to the point that three of them are now NY Time and USA Today bestsellers. And I’m sure Elena won’t be far behind.

Cowboy Fever will only be available for a limited time. But I hope to have another chance to collaborate with these authors in the future. Once you read their stories, I’m sure you’ll understand why!

All my best,
CJ Carmichael

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