Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mallory Kane: Unsung Hero

Do you have a favorite secondary character in a book you've read or written who has never gotten his own book? I have several. One secondary character I always wanted to read about is Will Scarlett, Robin Hood's right-hand man. Luckily for me, author Diane Carey gave Will his own book, called Under The Wild Moon, written in 1986. I was delighted when I found that book. It's an exceptionally good book, by the way.

But he wasn't my only favorite secondary character. I wanted Dr. Watson in SHERLOCK HOLMES and Mr. Hastings in Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot stories to have their own books. When I read Little Women, I wanted to have a book in Laurie's point of view, mostly because I couldn't understand why he decided he was in love with Amy, not Jo. I wanted to see, from his viewpoint, how that change happened.

My own favorite secondary character is Detective Devereux Gautier, Cody Maxwell's partner from my very first Intrigue, The Lawman Who Loved Her, published in 2001. 

Dev has always gotten lots of fan mail. Over the years I've thought about him and fleshed out his story. If you're a writer or a voracious reader, you know how a character can live and grow inside your head.

Dev finally has his own book, and he deserves it. The book is called No Hero and is due for release from Tule Publishing in August, 2014.

Police Detective Devereux Gautier knows he's no hero. He's seen too much, failed too many times. And now the homeless kids he mentors are dying and the only person who can help him find the killer is the one woman who can destroy him. It doesn't help that she's also the sexiest, most interesting woman he's ever met.

Journalist Reghan Connor knows there are no heroes and she's out to prove it on the air for all of New Orleans to see. Her latest debunked hero is Detective Dev Gautier, who hates her for exposing the truth about him. Now Reghan has been given the key to the murders of Dev's homeless teens. But she's got to convince Dev that she's not setting him up for another fall. The more she's around him the more she learns that being a hero is complicated and loving a hero can be downright deadly.

Check out my website and facebook page for the latest information about Dev and Reghan and watch for No Hero, coming soon.

What about you? Who is your favorite secondary character in a book and did he or she ever test their own story? Please tell me in the comments below. I have a pretty and really handy 'reader's necklace,' which is an embellished magnifier necklace I'd love to give away in a random drawing of commenter names.

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Mallory Kane

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Janine said...

The secondary character that still stands out the most was from Jane Porter's book The Good Daughter. She was a young girl named Delilah and came from an abusive home. I still think of her and hope she will get her own story one day. I would love to see her succeed in life after all she went through growing up.

Mallory Kane said...

Secondary characters so often break our hearts, don't they? There are many many books in which I meet secondary characters who make incredible heroes and heroines in their own books.

Thanks for your comment. :)

Mary Preston said...

Rue from THE HUNGER GAMES stole my heart. She was killed, so obviously not able to have her own follow up story. She made a huge impact on me.

traveler said...

A secondary character in The Maisie Dobbs Series is Billy Beale who is a real character who is depicted in a very vivid manner. His trials and tribulations and his integrity is very evident.

petite said...

Sometimes the secondary character is dominant and important. Jacob Solomon in the novel, Cascade is portrayed as having strength and is very interesting and determined to achieve.