Thursday, August 07, 2014


Harlequin are continuing their re-release of my backlist with three new books on sale in July and August.

In the UK they've started using pretty new covers to give the books a fresh new look and I'm absolutely delighted with what they've done with The Three Year Itch and All She Wants for Christmas  Don't be fooled by the title which was changed by Marketing from Trouble in Paradise when a December slot opened up.

This book is set on a Caribbean island made for two and has nothing to with Christmas. At all.

In the US, Harlequin have taken the opposite tack and are using original covers and Dating Her Boss is, happily, one of my favourite covers. A real classic.

Interestingly, catching up on these books, I've realised how much the Romance line has changed since I started writing for Harlequin Mills & Boon.

The heroes in these books are much more like Presents/Modern heroes - alpha, arrogant, tortured men.

For me, the men changed when I began writing scenes from their point of view. My first dual vp book was Eloping With Emmy (which is, incidentally available at the moment as an ebook for 99c) in which the hero took the lead vp role and we saw him falling in love - and knowing that it was all going to end in tears

Which do you prefer - the old or the new covers? And do you still enjoy those old books where the hero is darkly enigmatic - or do you want to know what is going on in that handsome head?

Leave a comment and I'll give away a copy of any one of my available backlist books for whoever's name comes out of the hat!


erin said...

I like both!!! But it is fun to see the older covers and how the "trends" change :) Congrats on the re-releases!

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

I honestly like the new one better, but it is fun to see what they were originally and how the covers have changed... hoo boy, have I seen some changes!

Cindy Hamilton said...

I like the new covers but seeing an old cover sure brings back memories of the books I read all those years ago!

Mary Preston said...

I agree, I love all the new covers, but its fun to see all the old covers too.

I do like how the hero has changed over time. I think he is much more accessible now.

Laurie G said...

I prefer the new covers with real people. It makes the characters come alive for me. They're bright and friendly. I can feel the chemistry!

I'm so glad they are re-releasing some older books that I missed the first time around.

johns lake at usa dot com

dstoutholcomb said...

Gotta love the 80s cover!