Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scarlet Wilson: YA Endgame Earth: Storm’s Quest

Trying something new can be scary.  Trying something new can be downright terrifying!  I’ve written medical romances and romances for the last three years.  But as the mother of two young sons, I’ve always wanted to write something that they could read. 

It can be difficult to engage boys in reading.  There is good evidence that children that read for pleasure do better at school – reason enough to find something that they’ll engage with.

When I asked my sons what they wanted to read it was simple.  Dinosaurs.  Jurassic Park.  Indiana Jones.  Lara Croft.  The Hunger Games.  – Note, all from films, not from books.

So, that’s what I’ve tried to do.  Endgame Earth is Jurassic Park meets the Hunger Games!

One of the things I struggled with was picking a new pseudonym.  I like Scarlet Wilson but some of my books are a little adult for a younger audience.  It was important to keep the two separate.  I still liked Scarlet but the surname?  It was suggested by a friend.  Dr Richard Owen was the man who first called these ancient creatures dinosaurs.  So, the name Scarlet Owen is in tribute to him.

I’ve learned a whole host of fascinating facts on dinosaurs over the last few months.  Not least that pteradactyls never actually existed and the terrifying creatures in Jurassic Park known as velociraptors were actually the size of chickens!  Thank goodness I write fiction and can take a little creative licence. 

Want to give YA fiction a try?  Apparently there is huge percentage of adult readers. 

Here’s the blurb:

Two continents.  One with humans.  One with dinosaurs.  Who will win the battle of the planet?
For Lincoln Kreft everything is at stake.  His sister is sick.  On an over-populated planet the only way to get access to healthcare is to become a Trialist – one of 100 people who visit the dinosaur continent each year in search of new resources.  Few return.
Stormchaser Knux doesn’t have a family to care about.  She’s been on her own for the last five years.  But she does have a conscience.  Having her life saved by one of the plesiosaurs living in the nearby loch gives her a new perspective on the propaganda about dinosaurs.  She doesn’t believe they are all ferocious beasts.  But can she prove it?
Staying alive on the dinosaur continent becomes their top priority.
But will dinosaurs really be their biggest threat – particularly when one friend will betray another?


Mary Preston said...

I read YA and I love dinosaurs. Gorgeous cover.

Scarlet Wilson said...

Thank you Mary!

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