Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Kat Cantrell: Matched To A Billionaire

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be here so I can share my new book with you. MATCHED TO A BILLIONAIRE is the first book in the Happily Ever After, Inc trilogy about a matchmaker who does Cinderella style makeovers on her female clients before matching them with men who are looking for a specific sort of wife.

I LOVE writing marriage of convenience stories. But I’d already done the “deal” kind of marriage of convenience in which the marriage is supposed to be fake but turns real (in MARRIAGE WITH BENEFITS, Cia needs a divorce to qualify for her inheritance so she can open a women’s shelter…now all she needs is a “husband” willing to play along). For this version, I wanted to write a story about a real marriage where divorce wasn’t the goal but neither was falling in love.

Who in the world would be interested in such a marriage? Not me. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool romantic (I bet you knew that already J) and I think most of us who read romance novels are, so there had to be a compelling reason for Leo and Daniella, the stars of MATCHED TO A BILLIONAIRE, to marry each other.

Ready for this? It’s security.

Now that’s something all of us can relate to, right? In a swiftly-changing world, security can be priceless. We’re all looking for job security, the security of a retirement fund, or perhaps a fool-proof security system to prevent break-ins at our house. The subject took on a life of its own in the story and the theme ended up being my favorite of all my books. Daniella immediately figures out that she married for security but nothing is like she expected.

Here’s a small passage that encapsulates Daniella’s struggle:

“Daniella.” His gaze bored into hers, pleading with her to believe…something. But what? “Neither of us have any illusions about this marriage, and that’s why it will work. I understand the drive for security. I’m happy to provide it for you because it’s a drive we share.”
She nodded and excused herself to unpack—and get some breathing room. Security was important and she’d married a good, solid man who’d never leave her like her father had. She just hadn’t expected gratefulness for that security to blossom into unexpected warmth toward the husband who’d provided it. And who promised to never be around.
As she climbed the stairs to her room, she realized what his unspoken plea had been meant to communicate.
He needed her as much as she needed him.

By the end of the book, Leo and Daniella have to redefine what security means to them in order to have the marriage they both come to want.

I’m giving away two copies of MATCHED TO A BILLIONAIRE (your choice of print or digital). To enter, comment and tell me something you’ve done to provide security for yourself or someone else. Did it work out like you thought it would?

Be on the lookout for the next two books in the Happily Ever After, Inc. trilogy! MATCHED TO A PRINCE releases August 1st and MATCHED TO HER RIVAL releases September 1st.

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Laney4 said...

When I was 16 (and my parents were away, my 21-year-old brother was supposed to keep an eye on me, and I was left alone), I walked uptown in our small town on a Saturday night. I thought I was so cool wearing my baby-doll top tucked into my cords. Anyway, I found a girl squatted down behind a store crying. I squatted down with her to ask what was wrong and to try to convince her to leave, as it appeared that she had been beaten up. Next thing I knew, her boyfriend joined us. I slowly stood to my full height (5'10", as opposed to his maybe 5'6" - but I weighed 110 soaking wet and he probably weighed 160) and tried to intimidate him. (Yeah, right.) He told me to leave. I asked her if she wanted me to leave. She said yes. I realized that it could get uglier for both of us if I stayed, so I left. I don't know what happened after that (as I returned with reinforcements, but they were gone by then), but I DO know that they went on to have three kids together, got married somewhere in all that, and are still together now 39 years later.
So no, it didn't turn out to have what I perceived as a HEA ending.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Laney, that's an interesting story. I definitely wouldn't have thought it would end like that! You've got some courage to stand up to the boyfriend though. :) Thanks for coming by.

erin said...

I finally had enough and told my bf to hit the road. I was tired of taking care of him and I'm more happy and healthy than ever! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin, good for you!! That's a hard step and I'm so glad you're the better for it. Thanks for coming by.

Mary Preston said...

Just being there for my children. There were some rough patches from outside influences, but they knew they could depend upon me - totally.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, yes! Being there for our kids is such a great example. I think all mom provide security for their children all day every day in ways that are rarely recognized. Thanks for being one of them!

Eli Yanti said...

take care of my niece and nephew but sometimes they are so naughty :(