Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just One Thing

 I wrote an article called Sunday Books for a magazine a few months back.  It centered around writing books of your heart.  Just One Thing was just that for me...a book of my heart.  I wrote it knowing it couldn't be pigeoned holed into a designation.  It's a romance, but it's also very much women's fiction.  It's the heroine's journey, though the hero's story is told as well.  It tells a story that has tragedy, but it also tells a story that's filled with hope and beauty.  It tells… 

Let's just say, it's a story that I longed to tell even though I knew it wouldn't fit easily into any publisher's guidelines. 

And it's been just over a month since it's been released.  I'm so thrilled that readers seem to be responding to it.

I think they can relate because almost everyone has experienced some profound loss that fundamentally alters their world.  Almost everyone understands that kind of pain.  And if we're lucky, we've all had friends who've stepped in and helped us through those dark times.  

I have a friend like that.   When we lost my mother-in-law, who was also one of my best friends, I called Lori.  She lives in Alaska now, but at the time she was living in Virginia and was on her way home from visiting Alaska.  She got off the plane in Virginia, got in her car and drove to Pennsylvania to be here.

 So I wrote a book with that kind of friend.  The kind who would throw everything aside in order to lend a shoulder.  
I wrote the book I longed to write, not sure that it would ever come out from under my 'bed.'  I was so very lucky to find editors who understood my vision and embraced the book, despite the fact it was an unusual romance. And I've been so very lucky to find so many readers who could relate to my heroine's going through.  So many who understood having a friend who had your back, offered a shoulder and kicked your butt when you needed it.

It's been a month since Just One Thing hit the shelves. For me it's been a month of just one lovely thing after another.  And I want to thank everyone who's given the story a try.  I've had so many touching emails from people who've understood, related with, and embraced Lexie and Sam's journey.

 The last month has been filled with very good moments!



Shirley said...

Great article and makes me want to read the book again.

HollyJacobs said...

Thank you so much, Shirley. This book is different from my other books…I'm so happy that most readers seem to like it!

Kate Walker said...

Love that book - it's lovely! So I'm not at all surprised it's getting the reception it deserves.

HollyJacobs said...

Thanks so much, Kate! It's been an amazing, amazing month since the release! It's on Kindle's Select 25 for a third week. So cool!!