Saturday, January 11, 2014

Where Do I Begin?

I hope that title hasn't led you to expect a piece on how to start a novel!

It's a phrase that's been ringing in my ears for the last few weeks because Santa came a little bit early for me last year by way of talented Australian author Gracie Macgregor,  Gracie was clearing out her house preparatory to moving and she delivered a huge box of sheet music to my place.

What a treat! Fabulous, fabulous stuff!

Mainly hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s, with a very nice smattering of musicals like SOUTH PACIFIC and GUYS AND DOLLS and LES MISERABLES. The neighbors have started dreaming a dream - it involves me moving VERY far away!

And as I'm sure anyone of a certain age has guessed, among the jewels from a rich musical past comes the theme from LOVE STORY. Hence "Where Do I Begin?"

I'm still making my way through this collection. So far favorites include the aforementioned LOVE STORY theme, the GODFATHER theme, and Ballade pour Adeline which I've never particularly liked to listen to but which turns out to be fun (and reasonably easy - always welcome!) to play.

One source of really lovely music has turned out to be something called BUGS BUNNY'S BIRTHDAY ALBUM. Wasn't sure what to expect when I opened this one but it's full of all these beautiful songs from Warner Movies over the years published to celebrate the Warner Brothers 50th Anniversary back in the 90s. 

There's also a smattering of popular classics which I'm looking forward to bashing out. And some rather groovy 80s numbers which I don't actually think I'm hip enough to play. There's a reason I've steered clear of playing I Got Rhythm. I don't!

The photos only convey a smattering of the glories hidden in Gracie's present. I had a lovely time over the Christmas break bashing out showtunes and revisiting memories of my youth. Music is one of the quickest ways to access those memories, isn't it?

So do you play an instrument? Do you have a favorite show tune? I grew up on musicals so I'd be hard put to think of just one! 

Ah, "Memories light the corners of my life..." Yup. The Way We Were came in the box as well!


Linda Henderson said...

I used to play the saxophone, haven't played since I was in high school though. When I was in choir in school we put on a big production and we sang Brigadoon and I've loved it ever since.

Anna Campbell said...

Linda, Brigadoon would have been such a fun musical to do. We didn't do stuff like that at the school I was in - wish we did! My best friend went on to a school where they did a huge production each year and I so wished I'd been able to be involved in things like West Side Story and the King and I was in school like her students could.

Louisa Cornell said...

It has been a long time since I actually played the clarinet or bassoon, but I am certain I'd be able to stumble through a piece or two with a bit of practice. My piano skills are a bit rusty as well past accompanying myself in vocalizing.

What a treasure trove you received, La Divina! And what fun to play through them.

I've had quite a bit of experience with musicals and I think my favorites have to be My Fair Lady and Phantom of the Opera.

Wouldn't It Be Luverly ? and I Could Have Danced All Night are two of my favorite tunes.

Eli Yanti said...

I ever learn playing gitar but only 1 week and then stop, don't expert at all :p

Laurie G said...

I took piano and guitar lessons. I was not very good at either. I have no sense of rhythm.

My favorite musical is Phantom of the Opera. I love The Point of No Return & All I Ask of You.

I also like Camelot, Rent, West Side Story and The Sound of Music.

Anita H. said...

Oh, what a lovely collection you have to look through Anna, I have to say I'm a wee bit jealous of your early Christmas gift! I've taken piano and clarinet lessons when I was young and I love playing songs from musicals. Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Annie, and Rent are among my favorites. As for songs, I absolutely love "On My Own" and "A Little Fall of Rain" from Les Mis and "All I Ask of You" from Phantom. And now I will be humming showtunes all day long! LOL

Anna Campbell said...

Louisa, one day I'd love to play while you sing. What fun we'd have! My Fair Lady was a family fave and I still know most of the words to the songs. Just you wait, 'enry 'iggins!

Anna Campbell said...

Eli, I hope you get back to it one day. I love the guitar - friends of mine are learning and they're starting to sound pretty good!

Anna Campbell said...

Laurie, I clearly need to see Phantom and Rent - haven't seen either. But I love West Side Story and the Sound of Music. I cried like a drain in a thunderstorm in WSS the first time I saw it! LOVE the music.

Anna Campbell said...

Anita, they get into your head, don't they? I can remember singing Hello, Dolly for a week after I first started to play it. A real ear worm. I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE Les Mis. Seen it a stack of times. ALWAYS cry.