Thursday, December 05, 2013

Melissa Mayhue: An exciting season for me

Thank you so much for inviting me to chat with your readers today!  2013 is turning out to be a really exciting season for me and there’s nothing better than being able to share the excitement!

First up was the release of WARRIOR UNTAMED on November 26.  This is the third full book in my Warrior Series and it wraps up the Warrior storyline.  For all my readers who’ve been waiting for the full-fledged Happy Ever After for these characters, this is it!  WARRIOR UNTAMED is Halldor and Brie’s story, and follows them as they pursue–and defeat—the ancient evil that has invaded the world of man.

For all those readers who love the time-travel romances, no need to fear their demise!  The finish of the Warrior Series doesn’t mean the end of my writing these books.  I’ve already started on the next series, which I’m tentatively calling the Time Travel Series.  It picks up in the same world as the Warriors [and my earlier Daughters of the Glen Series] and will even bring back some of the characters from those two prior series to give them their own stories—at last!  This new series will continue my theme of finding yourself, learning to love and accept yourself, and finding your Happy Ever After with your own perfect person!

Here’s the blurb for WARRIOR UNTAMED:

Bridget MacCulloch is a fearless warrior driven to seek revenge for her father’s death.  When the bras Norseman who saved her life rebuffs Bridget’s help in defeating her most loathsome foe, she refuses to surrender her quest.  Her need for vengeance is equaled only by her growing attraction to the mighty Halldor. 

Halldor O’Donar must find the missing Sword of the Ancients. Only with this weapon can he destroy the monster that has entered the Mortal’s world and is determined to bring about it very downfall. Though he’s forbidden Bridget from accompanying him on his mission, he soon discovers the stubborn—yet sinfully irresistible—warrior princess heeds no one but herself.

Now they must learn to trust each other if they’re to defeat their enemies or risk everything as they surrender to a desire that has the power to conquer all.

My second big excitement is the December release of TAKE A CHANCE, the first book in my new contemporary romance series.  These stories are set in the fictional town of Chance, Colorado – The town where love gets a second chance!  The themes are the same in this series as in my paranormal historicals, minus the magic… well, except for the Magic of True Love!  What would a romance be without that?  

Here’s the blurb for TAKE A CHANCE:

Allison Flynn has spent the last eight years struggling to build the life of her dreams. But a cheating boyfriend, the loss of her beloved job, and her mother’s illness have all conspired to bring her back home again, shutting the door on those dreams.

Logan O’Connor is a man driven by guilt and haunted by the what-ifs of his choices in life. Betrayed by the woman he’d thought he loved, he’s given up any dream of the Happy Ever After he’d once assumed his life would have, and devoted himself to his work.

When Allie and Logan cross paths, they’ll need to risk their hearts once more to have any chance at finding what they really want.

Sometimes you have to Take a Chance to make your dreams come true…

To learn more about any of the books, or to read short excerpts, please visit my website –  I’d be happy to answer questions or chat about the books.  In fact, we have a brand new group on Facebook [] specifically for readers to talk about the Chance Series – or any of their other favorite romances!  Feel free to stop by and join in the discussion.  You can find me on Facebook at my Author Page [  ] or, if you just want to know when the next books are coming out, feel free to sign up for my New Release Newsletter at


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