Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kristen Callihan: Enemies to Lovers

There’s something quite delicious about seeing a couple move from enemies to lovers. After all, they are supposed to hate each other. How can they be suddenly finding this person attractive? How can they be thinking about them at all hours? It just won't do! Oh, but when they finally kiss, it’s a bit like forbidden fruit, isn’t it? One taste, and they crave more. As readers, we crave more.

I think my first notice of the enemies to lovers trope was in Star Wars with Han Solo and Princess Leia. As a kid, I didn’t get it. Why was Leia kissing Han when CLEARLY Luke Skywalker was the better prize? When Han had been such a jerk to her? Heh. I think back on that now and can only shake my head. How did I prefer Luke over Han? How did I not see the sparks flying between Leia and Han from the first time they met?

Because that’s the thing, for a good enemies to lovers story to work, there has to be sparks. The characters might rub together like oil and water, but it’s clear to all that they want each other. And maybe that’s part of the reason they fight it so hard. Neither of them wants to be the first one to bend.

In SHADOWDANCE, Jack and Mary have been at odds for four years. Now they are forced to work together on a murder investigation. Being in such close proximity, all day, every day, makes it much harder to hide their attraction to one another. And because they’re both stubborn, they fight this growing desire, until it can’t help but combust. I had such fun with that. And such fun with their banter, which moves from cutting to grudging respect to loving.

So tell me, do you have a favorite enemies to lovers book? Movie? Leave a comment for a chance to win one of Four copies of Shadowdance!

Kristen Callihan

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Eli Yanti said...

Mr and Mrs smith, love this movie and lord and lady spy by shana galen

Laurie G said...

There seems to be a spy theme going here.

The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne


Karen Hawkins - Sleepless in Scotland

Mary Preston said...

I didn't understand with the Star Wars love connection at first either. It's rather obvious to me now. Eli Yanti mentioned a favorite movie of mine, Mr & Mrs Smith.

Alina P said...

Yhea, Mr and Mrs. Smith is a classic :D

And favorite book is Practice makes Perfect by Julie James, it's one of my favorite books by her :D

Mary Preston said...

Email sent THANK YOU!!