Friday, November 08, 2013

Research - the fun part of writing!

Having finally delivered my latest KISS romance to my editor (For His Eyes Only, March 2014), I’ve embarked on the last book in my “ice cream” trilogy. This will be Geli’s story, the youngest of the Amery sisters, the one who went to art college, designed the website, but apart from helping out at gigs when needed, doesn't get hands-on involved with the business..

I thought that I’d probably wrung the most out of the Maybridge ice cream event scene and have decided on a new location for Geli. In the serendipitous way that these things happen, I picked up a copy of Italia at the supermarket – mostly for the recipes – and read a fascinating article about the Isola area of Milan. Artists, designers, fashion but with a gritty working class background. So often, when you’re planning a new book, things seem to come up and hit you in the face.

Art, clothes, food… And we all know that Italian ice cream is out of this world. J Perfect.

I’m deep into research mode now. I’m watching vids on YouTube, reading travel guides, blogs, finding fabulous pictures on Pinterest – check out my page for Geli’s story here - and yes, planning a long weekend in Milan. I want to walk the ground, get the feel, the smell of the place and of course, I’ll be taking wander along the fabulous Belle Epoque shopping mall - the stunning Galleria Victorio Emanuele II – nicknamed Milan’s “drawing room”, with its designer boutiques, cafes and bookshops.

Writing is hard work. It makes my brain ache. But research is just so much fun!

The ice cream trilogy –
Tempted By Trouble (Elle’s story)
Anything But Vanilla (Sorrel’s story)


Pat Cochran said...

Milan sounds like a really marvelous city to do your "research" in.
"Research" is an important part of writing and someone has to do

Pat C.

Kaelee said...

I'd love to visit Milan. Enjoy yourself Liz. I'll visit Milan via your book.

Kandy Shepherd said...

Milan and ice cream? That sounds like a dream research job! I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute...