Sunday, August 25, 2013

This Fragile Life: Hard Choices by Kate Hewitt

Thanks so much for having me here! I’m really pleased to be sharing my new women’s fiction with you.

I started writing This Fragile Life after a conversation with my editor in which she encouraged me to write what she called a ‘what would you do’ book—meaning a book that makes you think and wonder what you would do if you were in the characters’ situation.

The initial idea behind This Fragile Life was of two friends, one struggling with infertility and one unexpectedly pregnant, who decided to arrange a private adoption. Alex, the pregnant one, will give her baby to Martha. It seems like such a simple solution… but it is fraught with heartache for as Alex proceeds with the pregnancy she discovers how hard it really is to let go of our child. Martha, desperate and anxious, senses this, and so the adoption puts an incredible strain on their friendship.

That was the initial idea, but then another idea came to me to make it even more complicated. I don’t want to spoil the story by saying what it is, but suddenly Alex and Martha find the tables have turned and their positions are almost reversed. And so there is another ‘what would you do’ moment later in the book.

This Fragile Life alternates between Martha and Alex’s points of view, and while I loved giving each of them a voice, I also worked hard to make them equally likeable—and unlikeable! By that I mean that they both make choices you might like or dislike, agree or disagree with. Hard choices—because it is a hard situation.

Here is a tiny excerpt from Alex’s point of view after Martha suggests adoption, to give you an idea of what they’re both facing:

I hear what Martha says and I am both completely shocked and not surprised at all. I stare at her, my thoughts tumbling through my mind in an unholy kaleidoscope, so I can only snatch at fragments: if she adopts this baby, I'll see it all the time. We'll have to explain to our parents. I'll be pregnant and yet I won't have anything at the end. Martha will be so happy.
            I shake my head. I'm not sure what I want to say or even think. "Martha—"
            "Just think it over," she says quickly. "I know it's a lot to process, and of course there's a lot we both need to think over. It's a big deal."
            Hell, yes. It's a very big deal. And still I just stare.
            "Only if you want to,” she adds. “I mean, if you’re really sure you don’t want to keep it yourself. It’s an option, that’s all.”
            An option that feels as if a bomb has been lobbed onto the table between us. How can I turn it—her—down?

Do you like books that make you wonder what you would do in the characters’ situation? What’s a book you’ve read that’s made you ask yourself that? Leave a comment and one random winner will receive a $15 Amazon gift card!

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This Fragile Life:
You love your best friend. You trust her with your life. But could you give her the most precious gift of all? Alex’s life is a mess. She’s barely holding down a job, only just affording her apartment, and can’t remember when she was last in a relationship. An unexpected pregnancy is the last thing she needs. Martha’s life is on track. She’s got the highflying career, the gorgeous home and the loving husband. But one big thing is missing. Five rounds of IVF and still no baby. The solution seems simple. Alex knows that Martha can give her child everything that she can’t provide. But Martha’s world may not be as perfect as it seems, and letting go isn’t as easy as Alex expected it to be. Now they face a decision that could shatter their friendship forever.

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Di said...

Just reading that synopsis makes me wonder what I would do - for me, I would have a very difficult time giving up my baby - that can be the most unselfish act but also so very emotional.
sallans d at yahoo dot com

Laney4 said...

I ask myself that all the time. Can't think of a certain book, but quite often when the heroine is in an unfamiliar situation, I wonder what I would do. It can be something as simple as what I would do on a motorcycle, or if painting a wall, or chasing a child when I get wonderin'....

Pat Cochran said...

Can't say I have ever put myself into a
character's situation. I am usually too
involved in understanding what is hap-
pening to the characters to picture
myself in their "roles."

Pat C.

Aly said...

It happens almost all the time with me... I usually ask myself if I would have reacted differently or taken other decisions.

Mary Preston said...

I tend to read a lot of Historical Romance. I often think that I would not be putting up with half the 'nonsense' that happens. I often want to slap some sense into both the hero & heroine. Interactive reading. I do yell at them.

Laurie G said...

Yes I do like books that make me wonder if I could be brave enough to survive or deceive to attain my dreams.


WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT -Karen Robards- Kidnapped and on the run with a fugitive ex-cop, whom do you believe and trust, good guys vs bad guys, lies

TWO ALONE Sandra Brown-survival in Alaska after the plane crashes on the side of a mountain. I think I have a strong enough will to live to make it down the mountain

CINDERELLA& THE PLAYBOY- Laura Wright - Deceit, fake marriage to get the art school she dreams of owning

Lory Lee said...

Yes a couple of times. But found myself asking what would I do if I were in the situation of this heroine where she has to lie and pretend to the hero after being asked by his uncle to get information from his business. In short, she became a spy. She got torn between her loyalty to her uncle and love for the hero. It was tough, especially when she realized her mistakes. :(

traveler said...

I realize certain situations are difficult and wonder how I would behave. Lighthouse Bay was a book that had a dilemma and was intriguing.

petite said...

Many novels that I am enthralled with become so real that I do immerse myself within the pages. It is sometimes very emotional to do that. A novel that transported me to another era and place was A Thread of Grace.

Leni said...

I love it when a book leaves me wondering what I would do if I were in the same situation as the characters. The Search by Nora Roberts is one that had me saying that.

Linda Henderson said...

Yes, I do like thought provoking books. In so many books the storyline has the main woman character being cheated on and she's the last one to know. I've often wondered if that happened to one of my friends and I knew about it would I have the guts to tell them.

ceblain said...

This synopsis did make me wonder what I would do in a particular situation and I guess one never knows until he or she is faced with that situation. But sometimes I do think, that was NOT a good decision, or say out loud to the character in a book that I don't believe you did that or said that. But as I said, we just can't judge as you "have to be there" or be in that situation to know for sure.

Michele L. said...

I recently read Shana Abe's book The Sweetest Dark and the main character is still finding herself and learning about her powers. I love it when the main star is vulnerable, painfully growing up and still finding her feet. It reminds me what we all go through in life and how we all mature at our own pace.

Karen H in NC said...

While I read mainly for the entertainment value of the story, I do like a book that provides a thought-provoking subject....sort of 'what if that happened to me'?