Friday, August 02, 2013

Scarlet Wilson: Hero Against Hero

This month I’m delighted to have a double bill out with Harlequin Medical Romance.  It’s set in a fictional version of the CDC in Atlanta (mine is called the Disease Prevention Agency) and focuses around a brother and sister.

I give you my first hero.  Matt Sawyer.  And yes, I’m shameless.  He’s entirely based on Sawyer from Lost.  But who can blame me, really?

Now Matt is a bad boy.  He disappeared off the map when his wife died in a mission a few years earlier.  So when a potential smallpox outbreak happens in the Chicago hospital he’s working in, he can’t believe he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cue the entrance of Callie Turner.  Her boss has a heart attack on the way to the hospital so she finds herself in the charge of the outbreak team.

Let’s just say that bad boy Sawyer and by-the-book Callie are not a good match – the sparks certainly fly!

And now for my second hero.  Evan Hunter – also known as Sam Worthington.  He’s shared a secret kiss with Violet Connelly on a night out a long time and now finds himself as her boss.  During the smallpox outbreak he voices his opinion on Sawyer – much to the outrage of Violet – Sawyer’s sister.  She’s requested a transfer to a field op in Africa and the fight against polio.  Imagine her surprise when she finds out that Evan is to be her new team leader.  Their boss has decided they need to learn some teamwork skills.  Only the teamwork they eventually get up to was not what the boss had in mind!

So which one of my heroes takes your fancy?  And why?  One commenter will win both books, either in paperback or ebook format – whichever they prefer.

***Mary Preston is Scarlett's winner! Please contact Scarlett directly via her website!***


girlygirlhoosier52 said...

I'll jump for Evan... I like a guy who looks at the whole picture and is willing to step on someone's toes to make things right.

Pat Cochran said...

I'll select Evan, although I don't really
like making such choices because I always
choose the wrong person!

Pat C.

Lisa W said...

I'll take Matt. I can't help it, I love bad boys, always have and always will. There's just something about trying to reform them, even just a little, that really gets to me.

Mary Preston said...

Has to be Matt for me too. Any character based on Sawyer has to be my first choice. Such a major crush. Bad boys are so much fun to read about.

Scarlet Wilson said...

Hi Mary, you are the winner! Contact me via my website ad I'll get the book to you.

Mary Preston said...

Hi, thank you. I have contacted you.