Saturday, July 13, 2013

Witches, demons and vampires, oh my! THE ENTITY WITHIN by Cat Devon

When I first started writing THE ENTITY WITHIN, I knew that the heroine, Zoe Adams, was a witch.  I also knew the hero, Damon Thornheart, would be a vampire Demon Hunter who had recently come to Vamptown to take on the job of Head of Security.

 I realize that vampires and witches do not get along under normal circumstances. In the case of Zoe and Damon, the conflict is even more intense.  Damon hates witches.  One betrayed him with very bad results.  Zoe knows from the opening of the book that Damon is a vampire, just as he knows she is a witch.  But before she arrived in Vamptown, she had no idea that they would be moving to the center of a vampire enclave.  She knew nothing of Vamptown. She thought she and her grandmother were coming to a nice quiet Chicago neighborhood to stay at a friend’s empty rental house.  Her grandmother had left out any reference to the vampire thing.

The relationship between Zoe and Damon really goes downhill when Zoe and her grandmother accidentally unleash demons by opening a mysterious spellbook.   In order to save Vamptown, Zoe has to work with Damon and he with her or all will be lost.

I must say that I really loved writing this story.  The dialogue between the hero and heroine is fast-paced, funny, and intense.  But the big surprise was Bella the cat.  Zoe’s cat.  The role of Bella was inspired by my own cat also named Bella. She demanded to be in the book and so she is, with plenty of attitude.

Yes, I am a cat person.  How about you?  Are you a cat or a dog person? Or both?

Cat Devon is the author of SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY and THE ENTITY WITHIN. Both books are available now. Next up is the enovella THE ENTITY WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS (Oct 15) and LOVE YOUR ENTITY (Dec. 31). For more info please visit her website or Like her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter @catdevonauthor.

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Pat Cochran said...

Vampires, witches, and demons, oh my!!
It's the addition of the grandma that
interests me. You gotta watch those grandmas, you never know what they are gonna get up to! Oh, BTW, I guess I
am both, we have granddogs and grand-
cats in the family!

Pat C.