Thursday, July 04, 2013

Abby Green: A Shadow of Guilt

My newly released book, A Shadow of Guilt, is part of the Corretti Continuity series. Number 3 in the 8 book series. This is the second series I’ve contributed to and it’s somewhat different to writing your own original story.

I love doing them every now and then as they’re a more collaborative process. Working alongside 7 other authors is a lot less challenging than facing that blank screen alone!

The editors come up with the overall story arc and characters. They create what’s known as The Bible. Not the real bible obviously ;). This is a document that gives us the background to our continuity and tells us how everyone is connected.

In the case of this continuity, it’s about one family in particular: The Correttis. Add in the Sicilian backdrop along with secrets, intrigue and illegitimate heirs, and you can almost smell the sizzling passions from here!

The editors create the bones of each storyline and the characters. They also create the continuity points that have to be met by each author so that the stories can feel linked and give the reader than seamless reading experience. And also hook you into the next story.

I had so much fun doing this book. I love Gio and Valentina as there was so much deep emotion between them. She has blamed him for her brother’s death for a long time. And Gio has willingly accepted that guilt. But then they meet again and it all starts to shift and change as their passion breaks apart old misconceptions.

The setting of Sicily merely helped to infuse the story with a hot kind of passion you just can’t manufacture, say, in the West of Ireland!

If you’re just starting to delve into the Corretti stories, I’m jealous of your reading pleasure to come. It’s a sexy sumptuous feast for Harlequin Presents fans and I have to say that apart from my own hero, I think my favourite so far has been Sarah Morgan’s wickedly seductive and witty Luca Corretti - ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ eat your heart out!

Happy reading everyone! I’m doing a giveaway of another novel I wrote called ‘Exquisite Revenge’ on Goodreads so follow this link if you fancy a chance to win!


Mary Preston said...

I haven't read any books from the Corretti Continuity series yet. Should I read them in order, or does each book still stand alone?

Abby Green said...

Hi Mary, I think it would be fine to read them as stand alone books but you might get a richer experience by reading them all, in order - it's entirely up to you :)
x Abby

Laney4 said...

It's lovely seeing you here. Congrats on all the published books!!!

Mary (and others),
I just finished A SHADOW OF GUILT, without reading the other books first, and I loved it! I had my times of tears ... could feel the passion/lust/love (and STILL can!) ... could also feel the guilt/anguish throughout ... and thought that it was the epitomy of romances, complete with a lovely HEA. But that's just MY opinion, LOL!

Abby Green said...

Thank you Laney :). Delighted you enjoyed the book xx Abby

Pat Cochran said...

I haven't read any of the books in this series,
but you can be certain that I will. BTW, I love
both covers!

Pat C.