Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sydney Landon: A New Beginning…Or is it?

How many New Year’s resolutions have you made?  From the time that you were old enough to actually start making wishes, you have probably made some pretty impressive declarations for the New Year.  As a woman, ours usually revolve around love and life.  Or let’s be more specific, I want to finally get rid of my big butt and find a man!  Um yeah, does that sound familiar?  Come on ladies, don’t leave me hanging here, you know what I’m talking about.   Now for those years that chocolate won the battle and a good man was about as hard to find as snow in July, there was always one thing that took me away for a while…a good book!

The beauty of reading is not to be taken lightly.  A good book can take you thousands of miles away in just a matter of minutes and it’s much less expensive than a plane ticket.  The Danvers series which consists of Weekends Required, Not Planning on You and Fall For Me, are all based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I have received so many emails from readers telling me that they either lived or vacationed there and how reading my books brought back so many happy memories for them.  My husband proposed to me there, so I always remember that when I’m describing an area of the city for one of my books. 

Romance novels in particular have the ability to stay with you long after the last word is read.  Months after the revolution of Fifty Shades of Grey, you are probably still discussing it with your girlfriends and secretly shopping online for your own pair of handcuffs.  Your husband may be wondering why he keeps getting a new gray tie for every occasion.  Even though more often than not, the lead characters in a book are beautiful, they are still damaged in some way.  There is some obstacle that must be overcome to find their one true love. 

Will Mr. Right walk out of the pages of the book you are reading and take you away from all of this?  Unfortunately not, but maybe…just maybe, the next time you see a diamond in the rough; you’ll recognize the prince charming underneath.  

Sydney Landon

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Pat Cochran said...

Used to make resolutions every year
and they slowly faded away from my
conscious mind. So I finally settled
on a goal or two. This year: I will
be continuing my weight loss program
(I'm diabetic)and re-organize my new

Pat C.