Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sometimes, it is good to weep by Michelle Styles

The first time I wept at a film or book stands out in my memory. But it was not Charlotte's Web, although I lvoed the story. I was sad of course when Charlotte died but the first book where I truly cried was Where the Red Fern Grows. We had to read it in 6th grade and I skipped ahead, finishing it before the others one lunch time. Cue me with reddened nose and streaming eyes.
My friends were very concerned when I wouldn't tell them what was wrong as I didn't want to spoil it for them. A few days later, one came and checked if that had been the case as she wept buckets. (As an aside my children all wept in theirturn when they read it. My youngest has always sworn that he wants two dogs just like Big Dan and Little Ann)
From then on, I was a confirmed weeper and I have only become worse as time goes by. It is a joke in the family that no matter what I should have a tissue near by.
I used to say to Donna Alward when we were critique partners that I knew things were good if I cried at least once. I knew if I couldn't make myself cry, how could I expect anyone else to weep.
So with my history of weeping at Hallmark commercials, news items and as well as books and films, you would have thought that I'd always remember tissues. Uh, no.
On Saturday, my daughter took me to see Les Miserables as it had just opened in the UK and it was her CHristmas present to me. We both have loved it since she was in it the first year of high school. I can still remember her drama teacher who was a personal friend coming up and apologising as he had suddenly realised that he'd made my daughter into a Lady of the Night! I confirmed it was fine. I have written books, weeping to the soundtrack. But on Saturday, I decided that I had better look smart and put on mascara. I then forgot my handkerchief.
The first tear rolled down my cheek when Jean Valjean met the bishop and was forgiven. They start in earnest when Fantine lost everything.  I was pleased that I didn't sob out loud. I just watched with tears flowing. After awhile I stopped wiping them away as they just flowed. the lights came on and I realised that I probably looked like a panda.
The man sitting in the row behind asked if I had enjoyed the film. Yes, I replied, it was wonderful but I forgot my tissues. The lady he was with handed me a packet with a laugh.
I walked out into the cold January light and reflected how good and therapeutic it was to cry and how the world looks reborn when you do. I can not remember the last time a film affected me that much. yes, I cry but not that much!
So when was the last time you had a good cry over a book, movie or even an ad? And what did other people think of Les Mis? I understand Lincoln is excellent but somehow I don't think it will be as emotionally powerful for me. How do the two compare?

Michelle Styles writes warm, witty and intimate historical romance for Harlequin Historical. Her next book An Ideal Husband?(please note the cover!) will be published in April 2013 and is a light hearted Victorian romp with a few moment which brought a tear to Michelle's eye. You can learn more about Michelle on her website


Pat Cochran said...

Haven't seen Les Mis yet, but DS1
has seen it, loved it and cried,
also! He cautioned me to be sure
I have a big box of tissues when
I see it! I teared up las evening
during a Sandy Hook report. The
most I've ever been affected was
1963 when President Kennedy
was shot and on 9/11.

Mary Preston said...

I saw Les Miserables last week & wept unashamedly throughout. I'm the kind of person you may not want to go to the movies with, because I laugh out loud, bawl my eyes out, practically boo the villain & cheer for the hero. It's an interactive, emotional experience.

Karen H in NC said...

Haven't seen Les Mis yet and probably won't. The last time I had tears in my eyes was the ending of NCIS this week. When they held funerals for Director Vance's wife and Ziva at the Crying Wall in Israel leaving a prayer for her father.

Real life issues such as 9/11 and Kennedy assassination are more apt to make me cry.

Eli Yanti said...

Have not see Les Mis yet and the last cry was 2 days ago when I read Hopeless, this book is truly awesome but success to tear my heart and make me cry but I live (like and love) this book very much :)