Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shona Husk: Making Time

I’ve always done crafty things. I love cross-stitch and sewing, while on maternity leave I started sewing and selling cloth nappies as well as going back to writing—something I hadn’t done since high school. I love to be busy.

But juggling the hobbies with the day job and the writing has become increasingly hard. There just aren’t enough hours in a day. While I can cross-stitch as I catch up on Supernatural and Spartacus and I can read on my lunch break the other things have fallen away. Which is unfortunate.

A couple of years ago I discovered cloth doll making. I made three in about three months…and haven’t made any since. About 6 months ago I had an idea, went and bought the fabric, felt and lace and I haven’t touched it. Yes, there have been deadlines, and books to edit and books to turn in. Then there are the self-imposed deadlines for writing the next novella.

Every time I go into the guest room (where all the sewing stuff is kept) I see the pile of cloth and think I should start that doll. I know at some point in the past I used to think about writing like that. That I’d get to it one day... My first novel took me 18 months to complete.

When my kids were very small and I was juggling lots of things I had my 30 minutes rule. That was for 30 minutes every day I’d do what I really wanted. I’d carve out the time in the evening and just get it done. At that time it was writing (which is why it took me 18 months to write that very first draft).

Later when I went back to work part-time I found I was writing but not reading. So I added a 30 min reading block to my list. As long as I blocked out that time it happened. I now listen to the kids read and then read my book for 30 mins after dinner.

The kids have seen me doing cross-stitch and sewing and have asked how to do it, so I’ve shown them and they have started their own projects—expanding their knowledge and skill set. Learning to sew on a button is important :) They have also seen me reading for pleasure and copy, which is rewarding as I believe reading for enjoyment is one of those simple things in life that is often forgotten in favour of TV and games.

I’m going to have to do carve out some time to make the cloth doll. Maybe 1hr on the weekend. Since I’m writing this at the start of January I’m hoping that I’ll be able to add in a photo of what I’ve achieved.

I think for many women what they really want to do often gets pushed to the side because of family and work commitments, but it’s important to fulfil yourself. And 30 minutes a day isn’t much to find for yourself when you think about how much time you spend running around for other people.


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Pat Cochran said...

I used to be into crafts and sewing,
but I've gotten away from those acti-
vities. Reading and blogging take up
a lot of my time nowadays! I've not
read any of your works but this book
sounds very interesting. Bookstore
run coming up soon!

Pat C.

Mary Preston said...

I enjoy my craft work & I would miss it. It's very relaxing.

Shona Husk said...

I miss it too, that's why I try and make space for it :)

Shona Husk said...

I hope you enjoy the Shadowlands.