Monday, January 14, 2013

Maggie Shayne's Witch Books

I want to thank you so much for having me as your guest today, and I want to start out with a gift.  If you subscribe to my newsletter, Maggie’s Magick, before the end of the day tomorrow, Tuesday 1/15, you will get two free Maggie Shayne novels in any electronic format you want. Here’s the link to subscribe:

And now I’d like to talk to you about my Witch books. I have a lot of them. My first Witch was the Immortal High Witch series, which included ETERNITY, INFINITY, DESTINY, and a novella, IMMORTALITY.  They were released from Berkley. Recently, the rights to the first two reverted to me, and now I’m pleased to tell you that not only are they going up in Ebook formats for the first time, but that ETERNITY is the book you’ll be getting free in this week’s issue of my newsletter.

When I first sat down to begin writing ETERNITY, something very strange happened. I felt as if someone had slammed me in the chest with a baseball bat, and then my heart started racing out of control. I had to go to an ER, where they flatlined and restarted my heart. From then on, every time I sat down to work on the book, the same thing happened, though usually it corrected itself without an ER trip. It stopped once I got past the very very dramatic opening scenes. Later, before the book was finished or even released, I was at a writer’s conference where a psychic was giving readings. I scheduled one, and the minute I walked into the room, the psychic said, “Why am I getting the word ETERNITY shouted at me?” I told her it was the book I was working on. She said it was a very important story, both to me and to its readers. And that it would be huge.

There were a lot of other mystical things surrounding the writing of this book, readers who had to skip those opening scenes, people who insisted they were not fictional, but real events and that they had been there with me. One man, who became one of my very best lifelong friends, swore he’d been on the gallows beside me. I’ve never had an experience like this before in the well over 50 books and 20+ novellas I’ve written. This one was special.

My latest Witch series, The Portal Series, is a very different sort of story. This one goes back to Ancient Babylon, and concerns three sisters who were slaves in the king’s harem, and also practicing magic in secret. The king’s favorite fell in love with his most trusted soldier, and when they were found out, all three women were executed for their crimes, and the soldier cursed to a fate worse than death by a jealous high priest.

This series includes LEGACY OF THE WITCH and e-only prequel, MARK OF THE WITCH, DAUGHTER OF THE SPELLCASTER and BLOOD OF THE SORCERESS, which releases next week on 1/22.

The video for book 1, MARK OF THE WITCH, includes an original song, Witches on the Wind, the lyrics of which were written by that same man who became my best lifelong friend after reading ETERNITY, David O. Norris. Dan Hall wrote the music and recorded the song, and I love it. I’ve loved it for years. (You can buy it for a buck on iTunes or Amazon.) We’re hoping to have another original song for the book 3 video, but we’re obviously running a little bit behind schedule with that.

The thing about any of my Witch books that sets them apart, is the authenticity. I am a card carrying Wiccan High Priestess, and elder, co-founder of a Wiccan Tradition, and a retired coven leader. I know my Witchcraft. So what you get isn’t made up nonsense, it’s the real deal.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post. I hope you’ll check out my sites, both and or visit me on Facebook or @maggieshayne on Twitter.

Enjoy! And Blessed Be.


Leah Weller (leahluvsmedieval) said...

What a great post! Thank you for sharing this with us here. I can't wait to read Eternity and the others. Something about your work was predestined as I'm sure you know. Had it not been, it wouldn't have touched as many people as it has.

Danielle Thamasa said...

The cover for Eternity is gorgeous! I recently borrowed Mark of the Witch from my library and I can't wait to read it.

Niesh said...

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Nicki Bland said...

Thanks for the free copy of Eternity, I loved it. I've read some of your other books, so I'll definitely start reading all your witch books too.