Sunday, November 04, 2012

My Self-Indulgent Week by Kate Walker

Winter is definitely here. The  clocks have gone back, the evenings are closing in so early – and  there are even  reports  this weekend of snow piling up in several places in the UK. I know it’s nothing like the appalling weather that has savaged  New York and other places recently  - but it’s a real sign that the seasons are changing.  (My thoughts go out to everyone affected by the terrible storm ‘Sandy’. I’ve watched the news reports  with shock and  deep concern and I hope that  the efforts to rebuild and repair  make things so much easier soon.  To anyone who lost loved ones or were injured in those appalling days, my deepest sympathies to you all. )

But here the cold weather is really rather a welcome event. I have just had my latest book accepted after working on revisions, and now I can say that A Throne For The Taking is scheduled for release in June 2013.  So I’ve ‘rewarded’ myself with a bit of time  off and a long, indulgent week of catching up on the reading  I  neglected while I had to concentrate on those revisions. And the  cold weather hasn’t worried me as I’ve curled up indoors – beside the fire, with a cat on my lap most days with my Kindle, and a few ‘real’ print books, and  escaped into  some imaginary worlds that other authors have created. It could rain (it’s certainly done that!)  hail, sleet – luckily there hasn’t actually been any snow -  and I wouldn’t care. I was perfectly happy.

What have I been reading? Well, one thing was that I made myself  a promise that I would try and work my way through my TBR pile – alternating romance with other books . I didn’t have to think about the next book of my own, not for this week – and I didn’t have to worry that very different reads would affect my romance style – so I could grab hold of whatever I wanted and go for it – here’s the result


Doukakis’s Apprentice by Sarah Morgan – I’ve been meaning to read this since before it was nominated  - and then won – the RITA this year. Now I’ve finished it – well, I’m not surprised it won!

The Darkest of Secrets and The Husband She Never Knew by Kate Hewitt – two linked books about the Tannous brothers


One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf – a tense story centring round the day when an armed man goes into the local school. Told from many different viewpoints.  Gripping

Pushing the Limits – Katie McGarry.  Before I started to write full time, I was a children’s librarian  and I had a special interest in Young Adult books.  I would have bought this for the library like a shot  and I really enjoyed reading it  for myself.   Some of the best fiction is being written  in YA novels these days and this is a great example.

The Lies We Told by Diane Chamberlain – I’ve really enjoyed the novels by Diane Chamberlain that I’ve read – again, like One Breath Away, they’re written from multiple viewpoints.  This one wasn’t one of my favourites, but I still have another couple of her titles on my TBR list  and I’m looking forward to those.

While My Sister Sleeps by Barbara Delinsky. This one was a present from my son for my birthday and I’ve  only just got round to reading it.   This was a compelling and emotional book  that sometimes dealing with some difficult issues and some complicated family relationships. But it was none the less enjoyable for all that. 

And finally – just for pure indulgence – the reissues of some of the 90s Modern ‘Vintage’ titles by Mills & Boon (Treasury in Harlequin) meant that I could indulge myself and go back and reread some of my ‘oldie’ favourites – Gold Ring of Betrayal and Passionate Scandal by Michelle Reid . The Second  Mrs Adams by Sandra Marton. And – OK, I’ll admit it, a little touch of nostalgia made me go back and reread a couple of my own ‘Vintage’ titles  - The Groom’s Revenge. Hers For a Night and The Unexpected Child.  It’s been so long since I read those that it’s almost like trying a new author!

So that’s what I’ve been enjoying this past week.  It’s been a real indulgence and a lot of fun. And escaping into these other story-tellers’ world has been a joy, and an inspiration – filling up the ‘well’ of my imagination so that I’m ready to look at my own next story with more inspiration and  interest than before.  And the great thing is that now with my TBR pile nicely reduced, I can indulge myself even further by finding some  new titles to add to it!

What about you? Have you read any  of these?  Did you enjoy them?  Or what  books have you tried and enjoyed lately ? What’s on your TBR list?  What would you recommend I should add to mine?

Kate's  really pleased to know that five of her earlier titles have been republished as eBooks in the new Mills & Boon Vintage (90s) collection. She’s not too sure about being described as ‘Vintage’. But they’re also republished in the Harlequin Treasury and she can cope with being a treasure!

You can find out more about Kate Walker, her books and her latest news over on her web site and her blog.



Lee McKenzie said...

I have to confess that my rather tall TBR pile is currently stalled as I anxiously await the Tuesday release of The Perfect Hope, the third and final instalment of Nora Robert's Inn Boonsboro series. After that I'll get back to a handful Harlequin Heartwarming titles I've been meaning to read, and get caught up on the Harts of the Rodeo series by my fellow American Romance authors. So many books, never enough time!

Pat Cochran said...

Due to family illness and an overburdened
schedule, my TBR has had to live in an idle
state for some while. It may not be until
after Christmas when I can take a week all
to myself where I can delve into the stack.

Pat C.

PrincessFiona01 said...

Was pleased to see you list Gold Ring of Betrayal and The Second Mrs Adam's as old faves. They are on my keeper shelf for regular rereads. I just recently acquired Passionate Scandal and The Groom's Revenge so they are on my 'Vintage Treasures' TBR pile. In current Presents/Modern's I've just read two of Sandra Marton's Wilde series for review and really enjoyed them. Have also been going back and catching up on Liz Fielding's Melchester and Maybridge books. I'm generally a Presents girl but I have been enjoying these Sweet/Cherish reads. For variety I've read Tiffany Reisz's The Siren and have The Angel. Amazing writer even if subject a little uncomfortable for a classic romance fan. Another interesting and different read was Kylie Scott's 'Flesh' A post zombie apocalypse erotic menage which was also a little out of my usual but very well written. She is Australian and the setting is my nearby city of Brisbane.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Lee - I so agree - so many books , so very little time! I had a wonderful week but I've ony made a start on my TBR collection - and trying to catch up with Nora R is like trying to stop the tide! I hope that final part of the series is everything you dreamed it would be.

Kate Walker said...

Oh Pat I'm sorry to hear about the problems that have kept you from your TBR pile - I hope the family illness will soonbe cleared up and you can relax a bit more. Enjoy that week to yourself when it comes around - I know how that feels.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Fiona - Micheele Reaid has always been one of my real favourites - as a person as well as a writer and Gold Ring of Betrayal is just great. I'm glad you enjoyed The Seond Mrs Adams too - we share good taste! I haven't read Sandra's latest 2 books but I will do - I envy you getting those books to review. Like you I'm a Presents reader, but I love Liz F's books - love Liz herself, she's fabulous. I haven't tried the Tiffany Reiz books but they are so popular, aren't they? And there's a real buzz out about them right now. I do hope you enjoy The Groom's Revenge - scary to think that it's 15 years old!

Eli Yanti said...

I have not read of them yet

Now i'm a fans of gini koch - alien series, love jeff and katt :)