Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Melissa Cutler Asks: What Do You Find Irresistible?

Melissa Cutler here, and I'm so excited to be on Tote Bags 'n' Blogs today talking about The Trouble with Cowboys, a sexy mash-up of western and culinary romance novels, with a cowboy hero who not only raises prime beef but knows what to do with it once it hits the kitchen and a heroine who's a failed reality Chef show contestant (a lá Top Chef) who's returned to her small town home to open a restaurant.

Amy, the main character in the book, has a serious weakness for everything cowboy. As she tells her sister Jenna, she's the only woman she knows who gets turned on when the song 'Desperado' comes on the radio. She attributes her epic fail on television to a conniving fellow contestant posing as a cowboy and has sworn off cowboys for good to focus on her career. So it figures that her key supplier is Catcher Creek's most eligible bachelor, Kellan Reed—exactly the sort of Stetson-tipping bad boy she finds impossible to resist.

Confession time! What do you find impossible to resist?
With the holiday's approaching, I can tell you one thing that I find absolutely irresistible—homemade sweets. I have a much easier time saying no to store-bought goodies than anything home cooked, especially sweet treats. I'm also willing to admit that I have a serious weakness for men wearing boots, whether they be work boots or cowboy boots or fishing waders. Any kind of boots. There's just something rugged and blue collar and extra manly about a man in boots that turns me all melty.

For your enjoyment, here's a scene about Kellan and his boots from The Trouble with Cowboys:
Bracing his side against the doorframe, he tugged a work boot off and there was no mistaking her long hiss of an exhale. Interesting. When he started in on the second boot, he watched from the corner of his eye as her fingers smoothed over her skirt and locked on her bare knee.  Note to self—the lady’s got a thing for boots.
"Rule number one," she said in a bare whisper.
"What? Something about a rule?"
"Huh? Me? I didn’t say anything." She jumped to her feet, color staining her cheeks.
Kellan stifled the urge to brush his thumb over her pink-laced freckles. In the spirit of discovering what else turned the skittish Miss Sorentino on, he lifted his work hat from its peg by the door and dropped it on his head.
Amy’s eyes turned dark. She bit her bottom lip.
That look alone was worth feeling like an idiot by putting on a hat to go indoors.
Working hard to keep a triumphant smile off his face, Kellan swaggered into the kitchen, leaving the door open behind him. He busied himself at the coffee maker until a long shadow materialized on the tile floor. Amy had moved into the doorway.
He glanced at her. "You want onions too?"
"Celery should be enough to get me by."
Her throaty voice was turning him all kinds of hard. He felt her eyes on his ass and gave her a real good look as he bent into the open refrigerator, pretending to search for the celery that lay in plain sight on the bottom shelf. "You want all three bunches?"
"Yes, I’ll take it all."
The room went darker. The door clicked shut. Well, well, well…

The Trouble with Cowboys is in stores now:

So tell me…What do you find impossible to resist?
Leave a comment and you'll be entered into my giveaway. In keeping with the theme of irresistibility, I'm giving away a print or digital copy of one of my favorite books, Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis. Best of luck!

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Laurie G said...

Impossible to resist:

Guys who can sing accompanied by an acoustic guitar

A smile especially from my one year old granddaughter

Spritz butter cookies

Macintosh apple pie and Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven

A fire in the fireplace

A gorgeous red sky sunset

A great romance book.


Lory Lee said...

Books. It's so hard to resist them! I still have a pile of books waiting for me to read but I still buy some more. I try not to visit bookstores that I've just visited last day, but I can't seem to stop myself.

Melissa Cutler said...

Hi everyone! *waving* Thank you, Tote Bags 'n' Blogs for hosting me today.

Laurie and Lory, you two named some of my very favorite things! A guy who can sing to an acoustic guitar? *melt* And Books??? Of course I can't resist those. Thanks for stopping by.

~ Melissa

Mama Clark said...

Impossible for me to resist a man in a uniform (especially a fireman), anything Christmas, romance novels (especially Christmas), a request from my girls, ice cream, and anything sweet! And of course, I do love a hot cowboy just like any other girl!

Dbch911 said...

It is impossible to resist books, Yankee Candles, Starbucks Salted Caramel hot cocoa, my son, and traveling

Pat Cochran said...

It is impossible for me to resist my
grandchildren. And all ten of them
know it, the rascally rascals! Usually,
the approach goes like this: "Grandma,
did you know...?" I know I'm about to
be conned and I love every minute of it!!!

Pat C.

erin said...

Sounds fantastic! Thanks for the fun post and congrats on the new release! I can't resist books or a cute puppy :)

Kathleen O'Donnell said...

Well the first thing on the list after just finishing reading The Touble with Cowboys, is Melissa Culter books... It was fantastic.
Cowboys for sure.
Chocolate, espeically if it is Dark.
My Nieces and Nephews, they all have me wrapped around their little and big fingers.
Bailey's Irish Cream.
Christmas, anything to do with the Season.
I could go on and on..

Melissa Cutler said...

Hi Kathleen, I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed The Trouble with Cowboys. The second book in the series comes out next October and is titled Cowboy Justice. Meanwhile, did you know I also write for Harlequin Romantic Suspense? My first one called Seduction Under Fire and it's in stores now.

Erin, thanks for the congrats. I'm so excited about the book's release. And I'm with you, there's nothing like puppies when it comes to irresistibility.

Mama Clark, I'm with you on men in uniform. And lucky for me, most of those uniforms include boots *swoon*

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

Michele L. said...

Pie! I can not resist pie! Ooo...and I love books! I can't resist a good book sale. Oh wow, you won't believe how many books I have in my TBR pile! Over 500! Yep, a good looking book cover will reel me in, hook, line and sinker.
Happy Thanksgiving Melis!

Martha Lawson said...

Anything cowboy related or Navy SEAL related! Thanks for the chance. I love the cover on your book, will be putting on the wish list..

Mary Preston said...

I can't resist ice cold pineapple juice on a hot day. It's a life saver. Books are a given!!

Eli Yanti said...

Happy Thankgiving

Wow.. the cover so hot, always love cowboy story :)

Di said...

well - that cover is certainly irresistible!

also guys that are extra caring to the elderly, children & animals.

Chrisbails said...

I love this cover and this book. Can't wait for the next book of the Catcher Creek series.
I find books irresistible. I find buying and reading them iresistible. I love to read. I also love visiting the bookstore and the used bookstore. I find some of the best books at the used bookstore. I also find covers like this irresistible, love a sexy cowboy, especially shirtless and a cowboy hat on.
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