Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Year in the Life of an Author: November

Where did November go? It blew past like autumn leaves in a Seattle windstorm. Gone!

This month was just one thing after another: page proofs, a reader's conference and writing. Always writing!

Cathy Maxwell at the Masquerade Night

Going down to Dallas for the Readers n Ritas conference had to be one of the highlights of this year. What. A. Fun. Conference. If you love romance books, get yourself there for a fun filled, hilarious weekend. I had a blast. And who wouldn't when I got to hang with my dear friend, Cathy Maxwell. She is a hoot. And here she is as an elephant! This is what I mean about willing to do just about anything. And can this girl dance--she's a wild woman.

But the real joy was meeting so many fun, and I mean FUN readers! Jenn and Kati (follow her on Twitter), I am looking at you! You know you are going to have fun with women who eat dessert first. And don't even wait to get out of the buffet line to do it. LOL. Readers revive my spirit and inspire me daily. Thank you to everyone at the conference who made me feel so special, so much a part of their world.

Kati R behaving badly. Beware: this woman is a riot!
The first part of the month, my page proofs--those pages from the printer that show how the book is going to look and that you have to check not once but twice to make sure there aren't any typos traveled around with me. I know mistakes do slip past, but oh, how those hurt! They really do. And after you've tried so hard to catch them all. Sigh.

Then I was slipping writing into every possible crack of time. Writing is actually very portable. Well, it has to be in my life. I have a son with disabilities, so I spend a lot of time at therapy appointments--often with a notebook in hand and mapping out scenes, writing the threads the dialogue that have been skittering around in my imagination, and playing with plot points and character quirks. But I've written on planes, trains, in the car (not while driving, but I will admit to dictating as I drive). I've written in coffee shops, hotels, the hotel lobby, Starbucks. I've written in waiting rooms, study carousals, even a hospital cafeteria.

Cathy found a hunk named Elvis that night!
But for the next month, fingers crossed, I'll spend my time in the comfort of my home office, tapping out pages and getting the draft of If Wishes Were Earls done. Cross your fingers. Or light a candle. Or just send good thoughts. They all work.

Elizabeth Boyle is the author of twenty historical romance novels, including her latest, Along Came a Duke, which was included one of the Top Fiction Reads of 2012 by King County Library system--the country's largest and best public library system.


Jeanne M said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Just wanted to send my thanks for spending those hours making them the best stories they can be so that I have the perfect story to read whether it's at the docter's office, in a grocery line or taking a break at work for lunch!

I feel in love with your Rhymes With Love series as soon as I read the first page of Alone Came A Duke and can't wait to read Ane The Miss Ran Away With The Rake when it's released in March!

Good luck with the finishing touches to If Wishes Were Earls! Hopefully your publisher won't make us wait to long before it's release.

I hope you get a chance to relax as we are nearing Christmas so that renewed and ready to work on your next adventure in writing!

Pat Cochran said...

Seems as though it really was a FUN
gathering in Dallas! I've heard of
this event but have never attended.
Guess I'll have to try to get there
one day! It's not that far to Dallas
from Houston!

Pat C.

Elizabeth Boyle said...

Jeanne, thank you so much! I am having a great time writing the series, so it makes the work fun. And Wishes will be released late next year, so only about 8 months after Miss! Thanks again and a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Elizabeth Boyle said...

Oh, Pat, there were lots of readers from Houston there--you just must try and come to Dallas. It was loads of fun!

Jenn LeBlanc said...

Here I am, laid up with my knee surgery and the kindle I win from you-know-who, LOADED with Elizabeth BOYLE and Cathy Maxwell, because OMGoodness you two were so much FUN.

I count myself blessed to have met such fun people at Readers n' Rita's. thank YOU for being one of them. Can't wait to do it again :)


P.S. did I tell you I was wearing your chesticles (it's a word!) necklace when I went to see my surgeon?!? He couldn't take his eyes off of YOUR chest. Should I be insulted?

Elizabeth Boyle said...

Jenn, you are a wild woman! Are you sure you just didn't have that poor surgeon befuddled by your awesomeness? LOL Get well, and here's to a quick recovery!

Cathy Maxwell said...

We did have a GRAND time and we reached where we set out to go (does that last make sense???). I know that nose costume would show up sooner or later . . .

Miss Elvis. Best date I've had in forever! Well worth the money in the charity bachelor auction.

So, where shall we head next year????

Di said...

Can't believe November is over - I blame Hurricane Sandy for stealing the first two weeks, then tight into Thanksgiving prep. I don't know how authors get so much done and still manage all the effort of 'regular' life.

Annie West said...

Elizabeth, just a quick note to say how much I love the title of your current book: 'If Wishes Were Earls'!

Kim in Hawaii said...

Aloha, Elizabeth! How about y'all come over to Hawaii for Mai Tais and Readers! I've seen that nose before ... and I miss the laugh! Kati R and Jenn L are also a hoot ... road trip!

Elizabeth Boyle said...

How about somewhere where your GPS actually works? LOL.

Elizabeth Boyle said...

I wonder where months go all the time!

Elizabeth Boyle said...

Thank you! The titles for this series have been fun to come up with.

Elizabeth Boyle said...

Hawaii does sound good--especially when it is 40 degrees and pouring rain!

Lory Lee said...

Best of luck Elizabeth! "If Wishes Were Earls" already sounds very exciting (if only I don't get my tongue tied after reading it simultaneously, sigh).