Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shona Husk: The Rock Star Fantasy

There’s something about seeing your favorite band play live: the noise, the atmosphere, the performance. I’m one of those people who likes to be up the front standing and dancing. I find it very odd to sit at a concert as I always want to get up and move. Being at a concert is very different to watching a video clip—even if that is a recording of them playing. The show is more personal and there’s a kind of magic and atmosphere that can’t be recreated by TV.

I wanted to capture some that thrill of seeing your favorite band play live when I wrote the ‘Sex with Strings’ series—and take it one step further. What would it be like to be in a relationship with a man whose first love was music and performing? I added some leather and fangs and Lucinda’s Lover was born. Vampire rock stars, what could be hotter?

What if they weren’t your usual rock band but they played grungy electric strings? (The ‘what if’ game can be so much fun). Once I had that the rest fell easily into place.

In the ‘Sex with Strings’ series I’ve taken the band from inception (Kissing Phoenix) to break up (Enchanting Absinthe), there’s been concerts, backstage hook ups, fights, broken hearts, three in a bed, and one Vampire with a love of body piercing. Along the way the guys, Phoenix, Thanatos, Sirius and Absinthe have found love, sometimes where they least expected it.

This series was my way of exploring my love of music, rock stars and Vampires :) I’d love to know which rock stars you had pinned to your wall as a teen. For me it was Iva Davies from Icehouse—which probably means nothing if you’re not an Aussie—and Bon Jovi.

Who were your favorite rockers?



Lorie said...

Being American (USA) and growing up in the 80's my rockstar fantasy was Rick Springfield.

Raonaid Luckwell said...

Rock posters (should I say metal) was platered on my wall like wallpaper. I had a wide variety of posters from Alice coooper to Aerosmith to Poison. On my ceiling directly beneath my bed I had a huge poster of Sebastias Bach when he was in Skid Row. Oh I had a massive crush on him.

lorimeehan said...

I am so going to date myself. I had posters of the Baycity Rollers. I was in love with them and saw them in concert.

Pat Cochran said...

The only concert I remember attending that
was anywhere near rock was Fleetwood Mac
and Men At Work. Before that we saw Harry
Belafonte, then the Stan Kenton Orchestra.
Does that date us or what?

Pat C.