Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Perfect Man...

I was going to call this blog 'My First Love', but that could cover anything from a puppy to that Big Mistake I made as a teen (I'm sure you've been there too, when the guy you couldn't resist turned out to be a total disaster). That's why I changed the title of this blog to The Perfect Man. In my current release for Harlequin Mills and Boon, The Count's Prize, heroine Josie is still regretting her own Big Mistake. She's landed the ideal job in the perfect location, where she can bury herself in her work, well away from the kind of man who trampled all over her feelings.  Then she meets Dario, her host...

He was standing so close to her, Josie could feel his presence as well as catch the delicious drift of his aftershave. It gave her a tremulous feeling deep within her body.
What's happening to me? I've come here to work, she thought in alarm, glancing up at him.
Dario was gazing out across the view, lost in thought. At that moment, as though feeling her gaze fall on him, he turned his head and their eyes met. Another sensuous ripple thrilled straight through her. 
And, as if knowing what was going through her mind, Dario granted her a slow, sweet, irresistible smile.
Copyright, Harlequin Mills and Boon Ltd. 2012

There's big trouble ahead for Josie and Dario, but her initial feelings are based on what happened when I met my OH on a blind date. It had been arranged for me by my mother - and be honest, who wants to fall in love with someone who has your mum's approval? She hadn't liked my boyfriend of the moment, so when he rang up and she answered, she told him I was going out with someone else. In those days I was still doing what my parents told me, so I had no option but to go out that evening with the next door neighbours, and their unexpectedly back-on-the-market brother. I started the evening determined not to enjoy myself but one look at him and - wow, I was lost. He wasn't (and isn't!) just charming, he was clever and drop-dead gorgeous, too. Funnily enough, when my first Modern Romance (The Italian Billionaire's Virgin) was published by Mills and Boon, the hero pictured on the cover bore a striking resemblance to the blind date who became my husband. We'll be celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary in a few months time. Those years have been so happy, they've gone by in a flash. I'm so glad I went out on that blind date, when running away felt like the best option.

Is there a romantic story attached to your perfect man? There's a signed copy of The Count's Prize for a comment picked at random.

Christina Hollis writes Modern Romance for Harlequin Mills and Boon Ltd, when she isn't  working in the garden, busy with her bees or daydreaming about resuming her abandoned Classical Studies. You can catch up with her at http://www.christinahollis.com on Facebook and on Twitter, where she tweets as @christinabooks.


  1. I am yet to meet the perfect man. The reality was an eye opener. I'm still hopeful that one day my Prince will come.

  2. He will, Marybelle. There's someone for everyone - the difficult part is finding your perfect match, and that's worth taking time.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. i have not meet the perfect man, hope can find it someday. but i think Paris is always a romantic place :)

  4. I guess perfection is similar to's in the eye of the beholder! I'm still looking...

  5. Hi, Eli - thanks for commenting. You're right about Paris. I love it, especially in the early morning when it's relatively quiet and the light is still pearly grey and romantic.

  6. Hi, Karen, thanks for commenting. That's another good sentiment - the perfect man for me may not be your ideal at all, and vice versa. I wouldn't last long with a man who spent all his time watching football on TV, that's for sure!

  7. Sadly I have not met my perfect man yet. He is taking his sweet time meeting me... or maybe I'm too picky and can't identify him. Am still hopeful though that one day (pray soon) he'll walk into my life making me forget everything but love.

  8. I can't think of one story that has my ideal perfect man in it but many of my favorite heroes have the traits I definitely want my own hero to have. A memorable one is Michael from Redeeming Love. He is loyal, strong and patient.

  9. I met Honey at a party, he was with a friend
    & I was with sibs. At the first intermission
    we all headed for chairs, and everyone was
    seated except for one lone fellow. Being of
    a nurturing nature, I invited him to share
    my chair. He did, we introduced ourselves,
    & enjoyed the party. On the drive home,
    Honey told his friend that he was going to
    marry me! We soon began dating & two years
    later we were married. This year we cele-
    brated our 51st anniversary.

  10. I love my husband, but he's far from perfect. I also like the heroes in my books to be flawed as well. They usually take a good women( like me) to round out their rough edges. Thank!

  11. Unfortunately, there is no romantic story attached to your perfect man since I haven't met him yet:)

  12. Haven't found that perfect man, but I would hope there would be at least a bit of romance attached to the story.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  13. HI, Jo - when that happens, you'll know. Thanks for commenting!

  14. Hi Na, thanks for commenting. I haven't read Redeeming Love, but I've just checked it out and it's going on my TBR pile as soon as I can get a copy. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  15. Pat, that's a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it. When my parents celebrated their Golden Wedding they said the time had passed by in a flash. I'm sure the same is true for you and your Honey. May you have many more happy anniversaries!

  16. Thanks for commenting, Shelley. You know what they used to say - behind every successful man there's a good woman...

  17. Hi Yadkny, thanks for commenting. You may not have found your perfect man yet, but that means you've got all the enjoyment still to come...;)

  18. Thanks for commenting, Di. As you're a reader, you'll be able to spot that true romantic when you find him.

  19. Awww, there's not many romantic stories in the comments... so I'll share mine... Michael Jackson came to NZ in 1996... I was never a fan but knew it was a once in a life time event so I went on the Saturday concert. The next one was Monday night. I loved it so so so much I spent all Monday looking for a ticket (they were sold out) and I promised myself that if I couldn't go I'd go fix my car instead, it needed some motor work done. I couldn't find a ticket so went across the road from work and booked my car in to be fixed... long short me and the person I booked my car in with went on to have two beautiful daughters... sadly he didnt turn out to be Mr Perfect but I still love the story of how we met and for 6 years I thought he was. Over the years I have come to realise the perfect man is Vin Diesel... I just need to figure out how to let him know that I am his perfect woman heheheheeh :)

  20. Thanks for commenting, Tash - the name Vin Diesel is enough to get my pulse racing!
    Changing the subject slightly, I don't think many of today's stars will be remembered for as long as Michael Jackson.

    1. Hi :) I agree. I think he was personally really strange but professionally he was amazing. I didnt even like the guy or his music when I went to his concert but after... wow! I still think to this day it was the best concert I have ever been to... Man in the Mirror song; I had my first kiss to that song so I always chuckle when i hear it :*)

  21. Thanks to everyone who commented - it was lovely to hear from you. I've just drawn the lucky winner of the signed copy of "The Count's Prize", and it's Na. Congratulations!