Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CJ Carmichael - The Home Office of My Dreams

Are you addicted to home improvement projects? I am. My kids claim there isn’t a room in our house that hasn’t been changed since they were little. Until this year they were wrong—my office was the one room in our house that hadn’t been touched (other than with paint.)

When we moved into our house about eighteen years ago I considered myself lucky that I had an office—my own separate room with a door and a window—where I could write. I didn’t have to write on the kitchen table or lock myself in the bathroom to get a little privacy. No, I was fortunate enough to have my own space and so I didn’t fuss too much about the sticky drawers, the poor lighting, the lack of storage. Over the years I added more and more stuff into my space, all the time dreaming of one day designing my perfect office.

Year after year I sat in this place and wrote books. In fact, about 32 of them. During this time we renovated almost every other room in our house. We redid the kitchen and bathrooms. Updated the basement. Replaced carpet with hardwood.

Finally this year I decided it was time to tackle the office. I made a list of what I wanted: more storage, better lighting, a huge bulletin board so I could map out my stories and put up inspirational pictures. I wanted a pretty, feminine space. A comfy chair and footstool for reading and editing.

I enlisted some help. Rose-ann from Normandeau Interiors consulted on the design and the cabinetry was designed and constructed by Sean at Athena Industries in Calgary.

The end result was this: Fabulous new desk, bookshelves, and file storeage—and check out the glitzy new light fixture:

My new story board takes up one entire wall and gives me lots of space for planning my stories and putting up inspirational photos.

And my pretty new chair is a great, comfy spot for reading, relaxing and enjoying my lovely new office!

Thanks to Rose-Ann and Sean for helping me achieve the office of my dream!
And thanks to my guy Mike for putting up with all the chaos we went through to get here. ;)

Which room in your house would you most like to renovate? Tell me about your renovation dreams and I’ll select one random winner to receive a copy of Cathy McDavid’s Harlequin American: Aidan: Rodeo Cowboy.

The year I worked with Cathy and 4 other super talented authors to create the 6 book Harts of the Rodeo series. You can see an amazing book trailer introducing the series here:
My book, Colton: Rodeo Cowboy (written in my ‘old’ office) will be available on August 7.

CJ Carmichael


Scarlet Wilson said...

That is the most gorgeous chair I've ever seen! Feel free to send to Scotland when you grow tired of it!

SEO said...

I liked your blog and I posted similar to yours...

bedroom furniture

Eli Yanti said...

so nice.. i love to renovate my bedroom :)

Mary said...

Loved the pictures. We recently renovated our bathroom. We painted it, bought matching rugs, shower curtains and bathtub accessories and the shadow box I made and had painted a few years back, I repainted to match the new colors in the bathroom. It really didn't take much to make the bathroom look fabulous.

CJ Carmichael said...

Mary, I agree with you--bathroom are fun to redecorate. I wish we could see pictures of yours!

Scarlet--it makes a statement that chair, doesn't it? Best of all, it really is comfy.

SEO--loved the furniture on your link. Makes me want to keep on decorating!

Eli--hope you get a chance to do your bedroom one of these days. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who loves to redecorate!

Pat Cochran said...

Great new office! Love the clean lines!

My poor 40 y/o home needs a total remodel!
I'm not sure where we would start, maybe
the living room/dining room area. Although
we did mention at one time that we would
add a room onto the LR/DR area!

Pat C.

Laurie G said...

My house is also 40 years old. We did update in 1987 but my kitchen feels old. We have almond colored appliances and vinyl flooring. We have formica countertops.

I would love to have tile flooring, granite countertops, a pretty tile back splash and stainless steel appliances.

CJ Carmichael said...

Sometimes old homes have their own charm right? Besides, it's always fun to dream, even if the actually renovation has to wait a while.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment.

The random winner is Mary. Please send your mailing address to: and I'll forward your free copy of Aidan: Loyal Cowboy by Cathy McDavid as soon as possible.

Mary said...

Thanks so much! I'll send the email right now. :)

Anonymous said...

The most beautiful home Office, I've ever seen, having the finest furniture