Thursday, November 17, 2011

Research . . . ah, research! : : Anne McAllister

nyfI’m off to New York City in early December to do research for the Christmas book I’m supposed to be writing for Harlequin Mills & Boon in 2012. 

It is, admittedly, a little late to be doing research. But the story of my life this year can be summed up in the words “a little late.”  So . . . I’m going. 

And when could I have done it earlier, anyway?  It wasn’t Christmas back in July when I first started thinking about this book.

So . . . I’m asking for your help, you New Yorkers. And you people who would like to be in New York at Christmas or who have been in New York at Christmas. 

I’ve been there most other times of the year, but only in NYC at what might loosely be brownstone xmascalled “Christmas” for a couple of days shortly after Thanksgiving nearly 20 years ago. 

I need a refresher course.  I have some things I want to take a look at again.  I’m heading for Rockefeller Center and the ice skating rink.  I’m checking out a museum on 5th Avenue, but I haven’t decided which one yet. The Frick beckons. I haven’t been there is a long time.

But if you have a better idea, especially for Christmas, speak up.

I want a wander around the department stores – Macy’s, Saks, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales.  I’m thinking maybe a quick visit to the Plaza for a pre-Christmas tea. And maybe a look in at FAO Schwartz while I’m over there.

HJ123I’m taking in Hugh Jackman’s one man show while I’m there. No one said research had to be painful.  And I’m thinking another show would be good. Suggestions? 

Holiday walking tours?  Roast chestnuts?  I’m open for all your best NYC-related ideas. 

I can’t promise they’ll make it in the book, but I can assure you I’ll take them all to heart and see which ones I can make happen.  And we’ll go from there.

Oh, and I promise to report back about what I did when I rock centerwrite next time (provided I’m back and not still there.) 

I don’t know what I’ll be able to write about Hugh.  There are times when words fail me. I suspect that will be one of them.

For her most recent book, The Night that Changed Everything, (Nov. Harlequin Presents Extra) Anne proved she could go home again, as she went back to Santa Barbara where she spent six wonderful years long long ago.  It was great fun – even if she kept getting lost. 

She discovered that lots has changed, except married student housing. It is EXACTLY the same.  She is not surprised.


Rachael Johns said...

Have NEVER been to New York but would absolutely love too. CAn't wait to read your book :)

Anne McAllister said...

Thanks, Rachael! I'm so looking forward to going back. Last time I was there was for a wedding a year ago last spring.

Desere said...

Hi Anne!

I just picked up a copy of The Night that changed everything and second I get free time I am off to read it sounds really great!


Kaelee said...

I've been to NYC a couple of times right after Christmas. I loved the Christmas displays in the store windows and Rockefeller Center is just beautiful. The thing we found quite unique were the roasted chestnuts we bought from a street vendor. Have a great trip!

marybelle said...

Good luck with the research. It sounds like it's not all work & no play.

Anne McAllister said...

Desere, I hope you enjoy the book!

Kaelee, I'll look out for the roasted chestnuts. I remember the store windows as being amazing. Ditto Rockefeller Center. It has a part in the book, I know that already.

Marybelle, no, there's a bit of play involved, as you can see. I'm sure it will be suitably inspiring!

ev said...

I have spent a lot of time in the city- i'm only a couple hours away and I love it at Xmas. The windows, Rock Center, The chestnuts are good, but I like the toasted coconut better myself and always get some.

My favorite place to shop is B&H Photo/Video. It's an adult toy store (and no porn either). Closed Friday afternoon til Sunday morning. It's their only brick and mortar store but they do about $10 mil a day worldwide in business. Anything electronic they have and everyone of their salespeople actually knows what they are selling. The place is just plain fun even if you don't want to spend a dime. (And they have free kosher candy and soda too. Not bad.)

If it's not too cold, go check out the USS Intrepid floating museum. It's an awesome piece of history and they just redid it. I haven't been since they reopened, but need to.

Museum's, Bronx Zoo, the Seaport. Head thru the Lincoln Tunnel to Jersey and go to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. Radio City Music Hall for the Rockett's Christmas Show. Times Square, esp at night. Go see Rock of Ages on Broadway.

Visit the Memorial. Go to the top of the Empire State Building. Wander the library. Grand Central Station.

Have a great time!!! And remember- most NYer's are actually pretty nice if you need help. But don't stand in the middle of the sidewalk and gawk-move to the building side.

Anne McAllister said...

Great suggestions! Thanks. I didn't know they'd redone the Intrepid. I took my boys there when they were youngish. We had a great time. Also did most every museum and the Bronx Zoo. Love the seaport. Haven't been at Christmas. Will try to go back. Will have a look for Rock of Ages. We did the Empire State Building very late one night when it was FREEZING up there.

Love the library. Could stand there and look at the letters written by people for hours. It makes history very very personal. Haven't been to Joe's Crab Shack. Sounds intriguing. Haven't done the Rockette's at Christmas either. Some great suggestions! I'll let you know how things go when I get back.

Also, didn't know about the roasted coconut. Sounds great. Will definitely give it a try.

And I love 47th St Photo. I've spent hours in there. I always wonder what my g-grandfather would have thought of all the electronics. It would seriously blow his mind.

ev said...

B&H is at 420 9th St. Better than 47th even. Go play.