Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Here's to A Lady Who Lunched: Evelyn Lauder

You probably have heard of her famous mother-in-law, Estee but Evelyn Lauder touched millions of women's lives in a highly significant way. Evelyn Lauder was the driving force behind the creation of Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer campaign. A breast cancer survivor (she was diagonosed in 1989), Evelyn created the Breast Cancer  Research Foundation in 1993 after a lunch at the 21 Club in 1992 where she decided to do more for women who suffered from breast cancer and to raise awareness of the condition. In all the Breast Cancer Research Foundation has raised more than $330 million of which $50 million Evelyn was personally responsible for.
She used her contacts and Estee Lauder muscle to help promote the campaign, badgering beauty and fashion editors to do pieces for example.The   Estee Lauder  Company also contributed by making a special Pink Ribbon lipstick and blusher as well as Berry Kiss pink lipstick where a portion of the sales went towards Breast Cancer Research. In short she got people talking about the disease.  Apparently she knew the campaign was a success when a stewardess looked at the pink ribbon she was wearing and said -- I know that is for Breast Cancer. And it is through her efforts and determination that the US Congress declared October to be Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Evelyn Lauder was born in Vienna in 1936 and her parents fled Austria because of the rise Hitler and the Nazis. Suffering great deprivation, she and her parents eventually made their way to New York City. She met her future husband on a blind date and fell in love, despite the approval of her father. Evelyn joined her mother-in-law's company and was responsible for among other things the creation of the Clinque product range. The firm continues to have family involvement but her true legacy is not its success but the success of her wonderful campaign and the countless lives it has saved.
Evelyn Lauder was one of those very rare unsung heroes who did leave the world a better place.
Evelyn Lauder died on 12 November 2011.
Wear your Pink Ribbon with pride and remember that all it takes is one very determined person to get things done.

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