Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Donna Grant: Magic – Do you believe?

First, thank you, Lee, for asking me to guest blog!

It seems in every culture throughout history there has been mention of magic. Some would say it doesn’t exist, some would argue it does. How can something so widely spoken about not be real? And if it is real, how do you prove it?

The wonderful thing about writing fiction is that I can include all kinds of paranormal elements in my worlds. The world in my new Dark Sword series is most definitely filled with magic. Both my heroines and heroes hold magic, though in different ways.

My heroes are warriors with primeval gods inside them giving them immortality as well as enhanced senses and the ability to control something be it water, people’s minds, or the very air you breathe. The gods also transform my Warriors. Each god favors a color, so when unleashed, the heroes turn the color of their god. They also have fangs and claws, and some even have horns and wings. It has been fun matching heroes to their powers.

My heroines are Druids, blessed with certain magical abilities that will aid the heroes in defeating the evil spreading over their world. There are two sects of Druids in the series – the mie, or pure Druids, who practice healing and using their magic for good. Then there are the droughs who go through a ritual that binds their souls with evil to create black magic.

In SHADOW HIGHLANDER (Aug 30, 2011) the heroine, Reaghan, is a Druid. Reaghan thinks she has no magic, but in reality, she’s one of the strongest Druids around. But will she be able to discover the magic within her in time to save herself and Galen before the evil finds them?

The Dark Sword series captures all the power, passion, and magic of Scotland’s legendary warriors—sworn to fight for victory, in battle and in love…

Sent on a dangerous mission into the shadowy world of the Druids, Galen must find a powerful ancient relic to defeat the enemies of MacLeod Castle. But what he discovers is far more powerful—and far more dangerous. A Druid lass whose beauty is as spellbinding as any magic...

Reaghan is the most enchanting woman Galen has even met—and the most enigmatic. She alone is immune to his mind-reading gifts. He alone makes her feel safe and secure. But Reaghan holds a secret power deep inside her that could destroy them both. And if Galen hopes to hold this captivating woman in his arms every night, he must defeat the darkness that draws closer around her every day...

My question is: If you could have magic, what kind would you have?

I’ll be giving away a signed copy of UNTAMED HIGHLANDER to a commenter so talk to me. :)

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marybelle said...

If I could have magic I would want to do good with it somehow. I don't know what kind of magic I would want. Actually the first thing that comes to mind is a spell to have the house clean itself. Is that considered personal gain?? I do know that can be a no/no.

Donna Grant said...

lol Marybelle!

I'd love to have a spell to clean the house as well. And wash/put away clothes.

Oh, and let's not forget to cook and clean. :D

Laurie G said...

I'd love to have the magic to predict the future and therefore protect people I love.

Curing diseases would be my second choice.

CrystalGB said...

I would want to be able to heal wounds and to be able to teleport.
Your book sounds great. Nice cover.

Lil said...

I would want the magic to grant happiness. I think that would cover all of the other bases.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Donna, It's good to see you here!
Magic, hmmm. I would want to have a
magic wand that would activate in any
time of dire need. Like when I need to
fix dinner and I'm soooo tired. Or when
someone is stopping by and the house is less than presentable. LOLOL! I'm sure that my special wand would only be used for good -- my good!!! See you in your world!

Pat Cochran

Donna Grant said...

Laurie - that's a good one

CrystalGB - thanks!

Lil - wow. I think it would

Pat - Hey, Pat! :)

Desere said...

I want the magic power of being able to stop senseless wars , so many innocent people die in war countries like Iraq and Afghanistan for no reason so I would definitely want to have that kind of magin not sure if that counts but yeah that is the magic I want !

Thanks for the chance to win


chey said...

If I could have magic, I'd want healing magic.

Jenn said...

If I could have magic it would be to heal psychological trauma. So that means I'd have to be able to read the trauma in someone and take them through a healing journey . . . but the healing wouldn't be instant, it would have to be a journey I lead the person on. How exciting would that be?!

Donna Grant said...

Desere - great idea!

Chey - that's a good one.

Jenn - that would be exciting!

Michele L. said...

I think I would like the magic to travel anywhere I want at the snap of my fingers. Instant teleport to another destination! Or even the magic to get all my work done in an instant at my job. Wow, the possibilities are endless! It would be nice to have the magic to heal someone who was injured. I guess I can't stop at one idea!

Sonali said...

If special people had special powers i would like to be able to replicate their powers. Do what they can do. It will be so cool!

host said...

Dark Sword series sounds great :) I would love to be able to control the weather

Donna Grant said...

Thanks for everyone dropping by and telling us what magic you'd have. :)

Na said...

I would want to the magical ability to time travel and to conjure up any fictional character into real life!! Imagine all the people and heroes I'd contribute to this world lol.