Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Donna Alward: Summer Schedules

In summertime, schedules go right out the window. It is why after last year I chatted to my editor about building in some R&R time into July and August.  I still have work to do - and yes, I'm having a struggle to fit it in. But the deadlines aren't quite so tight which is fab.

Everyone is home during the summer at my house - since the husband switched jobs, he has July and August off (he's teaching college). The kids are home from school. Locking myself in the office just doesn't work a good portion of the time.

So what have we been doing?

I have a summer to-do list of things that needed to be done around the house - things like re-staining the front steps (done), cleaning the basement, for the husband to build a small table (done) so we could put on our first batch of wine (also done, yippee!). We've all been to the doctor for checkups and to the dentist. We've been fishing in the ocean (and caught lots that ended up being dinner) and tubing on the lake and swimming in the pool. We've been to see Harry Potter at the theatre, had people over for dinner, taken walks with the dog. I've been to work on the Christmas presents I'm making and I've been reading.

And don't forget gardening! We put out a few strawberries, blueberries and raspberries this year, as well as tomatoes, peppers and herbs on the deck.

I've also done a second round of revisions (book 19 done and dusted, yay!), started my next book, done promo, and proofed galleys for an upcoming release.

And my day is starting later than usual - instead of a 6:30 start we're all crawling out of bed at 8 or 8:30. That, my friends, is bliss. I'm trying not to think of how much of a shock we're going to get on Sept 6 when everyone is back in school again.

I'm trying not to stress about the low productive output because I'm having a marvelous time, and I know the time NOT working means more energy when I do finally get back to a regular schedule. It also means that I'm tucking little bits and pieces of LIVING away in my mind that will show in future books - after all, the best research trip of all for an author is simply LIVING.

And before I know it, fall will be here and I'll be back to a regular work schedule again, sorry that the summer fun is over.

How are you spending your summer?


ev said...

Summer is our busiest time at work, so I have been working long hours, not going camping as much as we would like and praying for fall to get here and soon! There is so much I need to get done but have not had the energy to do. Winter is when I get more rest and can do my recharging. And I don't do winter sports, so it's lots of indoor things that need to get done- like a new bathroom, kitchen, cleaning and painting and getting things organized. Well, I try any way.

Donna Alward said...

Ev, I grew up on an apple farm, so from May to November there was hardly a moment to spare. My mom LIVED for the winters! She caught up on the books and always had a quilt on. For me, winter is a really busy time with running with kids and work and dealing with all the snow!

Stacy Dawn said...

You are so right Donna!

My husband has been on holidays twice so far this summer--while I've been working LOL so sneaking in time here and there for the family has been my fun time.

It's hard because I love having the kids home for the summer BUT I really miss the routine the school year brings....but I'm going to be LIVING in another two weeks when we all head out to the campground for a family vacation--can't wait.

Pat Cochran said...

Oh, Donna, you are making me quite
tired with all this activity! I'm
trying to live as quietly & calmly
& indoor in A/C due to the multiple
days of triple digit temperatures
here in Houston. And it hasn't been
as horrid as in North Texas!

Pat C.

Kaelee said...

Summertime and the garden is needed weeding and watering and deadheading and all kinds of things. Since we have a cat that needs meds twice a day we have taken a few day trips but not much else.

My poor sister on the other hand has had too much rain so she has been spending the summer trying to dry out her basement ans her daughter's basement.

Sonali said...

Summer is pretty basic. I live in Fiji so the sun's out almost all year round. I usually go about doing my daily work.

Michele L. said...

That is the bane of my existence is to much rain and humidity! Plus our basement has been flooded time and time again. Thank God for a dehumidifier and some bleach! Otherwise I would have had mold and mildew everywhere!

Otherwise, I have just been enjoying the weather, gardening, planting flowers, taking care of my mom and spending time with hubby. Havent' been on a trip in over 5 years since taking care of my elderly mom.