Sunday, August 21, 2011

Denise Rossetti and the Curse of the Tiny Tootsies

I’m an unrepentant shoe slut, I admit it. I love shoes with a deathless passion. The right footwear just finishes an outfit somehow. Heels flatter your legs and make you feel like a million bucks. Sandals, flats, boots – they can be cute or goth, flirty or dominatrix. Whatever. Doesn’t matter, shoes express a woman’s personality.

For example, I bought these red hussy heels when I signed my first real contract. Red patent leather with velvet bows and heels and an ankle strap. (Couldn’t believe my luck in finding them. It was An Omen.) They make me feel like a romance writer, you know? Also powerful and sexy, which in real life I am not, believe me! As an aside, my entire evening wardrobe is now red and black, a testament to dressing from the shoes on up.

Earlier this week I was in Melbourne for the annual Romance Writers of Australia conference (always a total blast, by the way!). It’s a big city, with a well-deserved reputation as a shopper’s paradise, so I trotted off to famous Chapel Street hoping against hope…

Silly me! Having been burdened from birth with the Curse of the Tiny Tootsies, I should have known better. But – sigh – hope springs eternal in the heart of the shoe shopper. You see, my feet are a size 35 European, a 3 in the UK and a 5 in Australia and the USA (?). Not especially outrageous, you’d think. After all, my mother’s feet are a whole size smaller, poor darling.

Nope. Shop after shop, the smallest size was a 36. I try so hard to ask first, averting my eyes from the display so I don’t inadvertently fall in love, but sometimes I – just – can’t – help – myself.

Is there such a thing as an average foot? I think not! Thin, wide, short, long – we’re all different. I bet every one of you has her own version of the Curse of the Tiny Tootsies. What is it? The Curse of the Titanic Tootsies, the Tender Tootsies, the Tumbling-Down-Arches Tootsies. Ack! Stop me!

I dream of having my shoes hand-made. I wonder if Stephanie Meyer does that? Or Janet Evanovich, or J. K. Rowling? Sigh.


When Denise Rossetti was very small, she had an aunt who would tell her the most wonderful fairy tales - all original. Denise grew up, as little girls do, but the magic of story still dazzles and enthralls her. On the good days, she likes to think of herself as Scheherazade's sister. On the bad days - not so much.

A two-time winner of Romance Writers of America Passionate Plume Award, Denise’s work has been described as "darkly intense, warmly romantic, and blazingly erotic". Reviewers praise her world-building and her ability to write "erotic scenes that exude sensuality without sounding at all cliché".

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marybelle said...

LOVE the shoes. My Mother is 'cursed' with very small feet too. So, she tends to shop up big when she can, to make up for those spartan times. (That's her excuse anyway.)

Denise Rossetti said...

Hi Marybelle!

Yep, that's exactly what I do. Same excuse too. LOL. Gosh, if I have any kind of choice in the store, I get all worked up about it.

As for the red heels, they're a fixture at Romance Writers of Australia conferences. If I don't wear them, people want to know the reason why. ;)

Michele L. said...

Oh wow! What amazing shoes! I am so jealous! I used to wear high heels to work, walked up and down stairs in them but they wrecked my feet, so now I wear mostly sneakers and flats. I was having aches and pains in my feet. I went to the foot doctor and he said you have to quit wearing high heels because they cause all kinds of problems. I even wound up with a bunion from the high heels! So, alas, no more pretty shoes for me. Sketchers are now my favorite brand of shoe. Instant comfort from the moment you put your foot into it. So where your shoes in homor of all us women who can't wear them!

Michele L. said...

Oops! Slip of finger, that should be "honor".

Denise Rossetti said...

Oh, Michele, mucho sympathies. I'm not supposed to wear heels either - they do my back in. Ah, vanity... Next time, I'll wear them for you. *smile*

ev said...

I can wear some heels again after a long bout of plantar facitis, however most of the ones I wear are Crocs, including my heels and sandals. They are very comfortable and come in lots of colors. I also tend to buy in bulk, as it were. You know it will be gone the next time you look for it!

American size equivalent is a 4. Also hard to find.

Denise Rossetti said...

Hi there, Ev!

I didn't even know Crocs made heels. I was under the impression they were all about ultra casual - and incredibly bright colors!

Glad to hear you can wear at least some heels these days. They lift the spirits, I swear. :)

Mary said...

I can't wear heels either, I have osteoarthritis in both my knee's and have a hard enough time just trying to walk with the heels on. But my foot problem is at the other end of things. I'm 5'6 and have a size 10 foot. I took after my grandma with my huge feet. lol Thanks so much grandma. Some shoes I actually have to get a 10 1/2 wide, which is hard to find cute shoes in that size...believe me I've tried.

ev said...

Mary- I highly reccommend going and playing on the Crocs site too. I was amazed when I found that it wasn't just the gardening shoes that they had! I have some great sandals, winter lined Mary Janes, suede heels and flats (that no one even realizes are Crocs!) and sneakers too. I love my Crocs, esp the fact I can get them in something besides black and brown!!

Denise Rossetti said...

Hi Mary!

There's no such thing as an 'average' foot, I'm convinced. Just think if you and me.

In fact, I reckon the whole idea of 'average' is a myth. Think of those 'one size fits all' garments. Well, they don't! Hah!

Denise Rossetti said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Ev. I'll definitely have a look, though - as always - I'll be girded for disappointment size-wise.

I love colours in shoes. It's so much fun to get away from neutrals. Hence my red shoes!