Saturday, August 13, 2011

Debra Mullins: The Heroes We Love to Love

Pirates. Cowboys. Dukes. Rakes. Highwaymen. Warriors. Vampires. Werewolves. Rebels. Men of mystery. Lone wolves. Tormented brooders. These types of heroes have become women’s favorite fantasy lovers over the years through books, film and television. I know I love them all, and I bet do, too. So this was my conundrum as I was planning my current historical series, the Brides of Nevarton Chase. Which types of heroes should I choose for these three books? Oh, the choices I could make! The book is set in the Victorian period, so that helped narrow things down a bit, and finally I settled on my three: a pirate, a man of mystery and a highwayman.

In book one of the series, Tempting A Proper Lady (June 2010), we meet Samuel Breedlove, an American sea captain who was left for dead during a voyage by the villainous Lord Raventhorpe. Now, Samuel is a good guy, an honorable man who worked his way up to captain of his own ship with pure sweat and determination. But when Raventhorpe leaves him for dead on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere and then proceeds to go back home and steal Samuel’s heiress fiancée—well our boy gets a little cranky. He is rescued from the island by his good friend John Ready and sails off to England to stop the wedding.

He gets to England. He stops the wedding. But then the trouble begins, since his sweet fiancée doesn’t believe his stories about Raventhorpe’s crimes. The wedding is not canceled, only postponed, and Samuel takes on a bit of pirate wickedness as he enlists the help of Cilla Burke, the woman planning the wedding, to help him stop his now ex-fiancée from marrying a monster. But Cilla’s price for helping him—lessons in seduction—complicate matters more than he dreamed.

In book two of the series, Too Wicked To Love (June 2011), I tackle the Man of Mystery—John Ready. Now, John is quite clearly not what he seems. He works as Samuel’s coachman, but speaks like an Oxford scholar. He stays in the shadows much of the time and manages to escape the notice of most people—except Genny Wallington-Willis. She is too curious and suspicious for his taste, but soon events unfold that expose the secrets of John’s past, including his true identity and his seven-year feud with Raventhorpe. The revelation threatens his love for Genny and puts his very life in jeopardy.

Throughout the first two books, there has been a recurring character—a scoundrel of a highwayman named Black Bill. The question I get asked the most once people have read the first two books is “Will the third book be about Black Bill and Annabelle?” And the answer is YES. I don’t have a release date for that one yet, but I will update my website when I do.

I’m tackling pirates and cowboys with the re-releases of three of my earlier books: Once A Mistress, Donovan’s Bed and The Lawman’s Surrender. They’ll be coming out in digital format from Samhain Publishing in early 2012. In addition, I’m currently working on a contemporary paranormal trilogy for Tor Books. Featured heroes: a lone wolf, a tormented brooder and a warrior.

As you can see, I can’t make up my mind about my favorite type of hero. So what’s your favorite and why do you love him? Those who comment will be entered in a drawing for one person to win the first two books of The Brides of Nevarton Chase series!

Debra Mullins

***Debra's winner is Lolarific!!  Lola, please email me at  with your full name and mailing address so Debra can get the prize in the mail to you.  :)  Thanks everyone else who commented!***


traveler said...

Cowboys are my heroes. They are real men with values, principles, strength and courage. During the Wild West era and in the twenty first century cowboys never waver.

petite said...

Thanks for this thought provoking post which has resounded with me. Pirates are a species I have had no experience with at all but cowboys on the other hand are in my area. I have to admire them for their independence, grit and old fashioned upbringing and traditions.

Na said...

I am in aww of the covers, they are stunning. Dark, tortured, tormented men who appear to be bad but have big tender hearts are my heroes. What I mean are those who have had to lie to keep someone else happy, who have had to steal to keep someone's stomach full, and have had to kill to protect. They are bad but their intentions are honorable and in my mind that makes them redeemable. There are some traits that they need to have: loyal, trust-worthy, courage and love, and they show especially to their loved ones.

Lolarific said...

I love strong minded alpha type hero's. Not the overbearing kind, but the kind who know what they want and don't shy away from heroines. I don't think it matters much who or what they are as long as they have the strong love and secondary traits that trickle from that passion that we all swoon over. After all what makes a man is what's in his heart.

Sonali said...

Hi Debra.

Your books sound amazing and all the very best for it. The covers are absolutely yum-my!

My favorite type of a hero would be the pirates. All that maleness is just so hottt! Although i won't say no to a charming roguish Duke.

SiNn said...

honestly i love a hero a lil rougha round teh edges who is flawed but ul;timatly good

Laurie G said...

My favorite heroes are the aristocratic rakes who go through life with little care or thought to their misdeeds and who they effect. They are hard to tame but once their lives get turned upside down by the love and respect of a woman, they become the most caring of human beings.

Thanks for the chance to win two of your Brides of Nevarton Chase series.

Michele L. said...

Ok, I have always been a sucker for the heroes who save the damsel in distress. I love cops, Undercover agents, Navy Seals, along with hunky vampires, brawny warriors, etc. They are all swoon worthy material!

Virginia said...

I am a sucker for cowboys they are my favorite hero because they are always hard workers and they really take care of their women. I kind of love all types of heros but the cowboy will get me every time.


Pat Cochran said...

I can't decide on one type of hero.
I am drawn to all types so long as they
are strong Alphas who take care of their
ladies, families, & also "business," no matter what it may be!

Pat C.

Desere said...

Strong independant Alpha males are defintely the ones I am most drawn to, they seem to capture my attention no matter what the story line is. I seem to feel more connected with the story and the characters if the hero is one of I will do anything to achieve what I want type !

Thanks for a stunning post and a really intersting question ,thank you also for the chance to win!


Alison said...

Regency rakes, pirates, cowboys - I'm not fussy!