Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tracy Kelleher: Summertime

I know it’s truly summertime when Fourth of July rolls around.

This morning I went to my local farmers market to pick up ingredients for the barbecue that I will hold at my house. There’s nothing like fresh Jersey vegetables—tomatoes, green beans and especially corn. The informal bouquets of flowers were too tempting to pass up, as well. At the butcher’s I stocked up on hamburger and sausages. Even the dog will celebrate the holiday with a smoked bone. And did I mention the zucchini breads and oatmeal cookies that called out to me as I strolled by the bakery?

Holidays are wonderful, not just because they’re a chance to eat and drink with family and friends, but also because they provide a precious excuse to stop our daily routines and take time to enjoy the pleasures of life. It’s okay not to make one more delivery, answer yet another memo, mow the lawn, do the laundry, or in my case, write another chapter to the current book. These moments of shared respite allow us to unwind and just be.

And not just holidays provide psychological and social comfort. Local adult education programs enliven the mind in a noncompetitive environment that all members of the community can enjoy. I know my little town offers as rich supply of classes, including foreign languages, photography, cooking, chair caning and cartooning. In keeping with this spirit, the third book in my “Adult Education” series for Superromance, INVITATION TO ITALIAN, comes out this month. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Carrying on this theme of community and tradition, in 2012 I will have three books out for Superromance centered on characters returning to their college reunions—oh, the possibilities for drama and comedy! I’m looking forward to seeing them on the shelves, as I hope you are, too.

Until then, I always love to hear from my readers. Have a great summer!

Tracy Kelleher


marybelle said...

It all sounds wonderful: the food, the reading. The lot.

Lex said...

I know. I can't wait. I've made the curried rice salad, yum, and tomorrow my special hamburgers and veggies. The rain has past, so everyone from 80 to eight months will be able to enjoy the warm summer evening.


Michele L. said...

Oh yum! Love curry! Curried rice salad is to die for! I used to have an Indian friend who brought her native dishes to our Bunco club. We all were so excited to see what she would bring next! I don't play bunco anymore though.

Your books sound exciting! I can't wait to read them! Loved your blog!

Jo's Daughter said...

Fresh vegetables are the best! I had some corn recently and am always pleasantly surprised by it's sweetness. So good with a lemon and herb butter :)